#1 Vision Board Ideas, Fun Party, & More!

Want to begin your Vision Board journey but don’t know where to start? We’ve got all the Vision Board ideas and questions answered and ready for you to use and start your exciting adventure. Expedition: to the best YOU!

vision board

The Ultimate Vision Board Guide: 5 Steps!

Harness your inner Main Character energy and create a Vision Board for yourself! In 5 simple steps, we’ll show you how to create the best one, along with fantastic Vision Board ideas.

tassel garland

Tassel Garland DIY 2 Items: Quirky & Easy!

Looking for a way to use up your floss string with as much character & aesthetic as possible? We’ve got the solution for you, and all you need is floss string & scissors; let’s make some Tassel Garland!

DNA string bracelet on hand sculpture that's holding up the peace sign with fingers

DNA String Bracelet Easy DIY in 3 Steps!

Amp up your floss game with our fabulous DNA-style string bracelet easy to follow in 3 simple steps. Tie it to your wrist or gift it to your bestie; either way, you’ll be crafting in style after this DIY!