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About Repurposing Junkie

Here at Repurposing Junkie you’ll find repurposing projects, furniture makeovers, stenciling projects, stencil cut files, free printables, DIY tips and tutorials. We hope this website is inspiring and helpful.

A little about Repurposing Junkie

This website started in 2015. It all began with giving a white table a makeover, and painting it orange — to be an accent table in the living room.  Even with the bright color, the table was missing something. A stencil was applied that had been purchased at a favorite craft store which gave the table a little something extra, and sure enough it really made the table stand out. 

Adding this detail and seeing the results was all that was needed to be convinced that stenciling was the way to go. Stencil designs can really add detail and beauty to furniture, wall art, clothes, mugs and other accessories, walls, floors and so many other things. It’s fantastic how easy it is to make something beautiful become exquisite and eye catching just by adding a stencil overlay cut on a Cricut machine.

The Repurposing Junkie Team

Corey AKA

Corey (AKA “RJ”)
Corey writes DIY, product review, and crafting articles here on Repurposing Junkie.

When he’s not repurposing random stuff around the house, he’s probably out listening to live music somewhere.

Briah A.
Briah is a lover of writing, reading, and making memories with her partner and close ones while keeping a steady hand on her coffee mug. Her publishing journey began in 2015, and she currently has 5 collections of poetry, 1 novel, and 2 novellas published under the pen name B.A. McRae. Above all, she’s an optimist with a healthy appetite for movies/TV shows, hiking, and being goofy with her partner.
Follow Briah at:

Tutorials on cutting stencils using the Cricut machine

Tutorials on designing your own stencils and the tools needed to create and make stencils using the Cricut

Some popular stencil projects include refinishing a curbside table, upcycling a piece of canvas wall art, and making an extra large stenciled wall art piece.

Taking old “junk” and turning it into something completely different is the foundation of Repurposing Junkie

You can check out all the repurposing projects here. We have projects using ceiling fan parts, old frames, and furniture. Some of the most popular repurposing projects are the ceiling fan blades to airplane repurpose, the angels made from hinges and spindle parts, and transforming a kitchen table using stencils.

We also offer Cricut tutorials, DIY projects, and SVG Cut Files and Printable designs.

We hope you enjoy the projects, tutorials, stencil cut files and printables offered on this website.

If you have any questions, please send us a note:


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