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April 27th, Poem in Your Pocket Day Fun!

Welcome to the whimsy and delightfulness of Poem in Your Pocket Day! A day that marks the pure spark of human connection through the wondrous act of poetry, and it takes place during National Poetry Month, which is April! 

Whether you’re a bookworm or wordsmith, or you’ve always been interested in poetry, this special day is one you’ll want to stick around for.

Curious to know more about Poem in Your Pocket Day and how you can celebrate and be a part of the fun action? Let’s cruise down this poetic lane together and get this poetry party started.

A little poem that's been folded and tucked into a pocket for poem in your pocket day during national poetry month.

When is Poem in Your Pocket Day

Poem in Your Pocket Day takes place every April 27th during National Poetry Month in the United States. But truly, Poem in your Pocket Day can be celebrated anywhere and everywhere!

Did you know that the month of April is dedicated to National Poetry Month? You bet your Shakespeare it is! Observing the celebration of poetry is a way to uplift all the poets who paved the way for creative expression and the writers who carry out new creations to this day. 

Isn’t it lovely that this language craftsmanship can be carried out throughout centuries and still be admired and even relatable? No wonder there’s a whole month in dedication to poetry!

So, be sure to mark your calendars every April 27th for this fun-loving, beautiful, and wholesome day full of poetic expression and experience.

What is Poem in Your Pocket Day

Now that we know when Poem in Your Pocket Day is, what is it exactly? If you’re more of a visual learner, we’ve found a perfect video from a wonderful library that explains the awesomeness of Poem in Your Pocket Day. And we’ll also list some explanations down below.

According to the Academy of American Poets, Poem in Your Pocket Day was created by the New York City Mayoral Office in April 2002. 

Poem in Your Pocket Day is a time to…

  • Spread kindness with poetry
  • Read poems written by peers and diverse backgrounds
  • Connect with others through the medium of poetry
  • Celebrate the poets in your life
  • Write poems (even if you don’t want to share them)
  • Share your poetry with others
  • Go out of your way to embrace poetry of all kinds
  • Teach others to write poetry if you have experience
  • Be a poet’s support and provide them compliments and feedback

As you can see, Poem in Your Pocket Day isn’t just a time to read poetry; it’s a day to connect with other poetry lovers and spread lovely or much-needed words to those you love. And it’s also about tapping into your own creative energy and writing poetry that speaks to you. There’s a poet inside all of us, whether it speaks in free-verse or whimsical rhymes; it’s there awaiting the day you pick up your pen and let it flow.

Three poems folded and tied up to be handed out on poem in your pocket day on April 27th during National Poetry Month.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day

Alright, now on to the fun! We know when this rockin’ day is and what it’s all about, but how can you get jiggy with it and celebrate? Check out these fun ways to embrace April 27th, Poem in Your Pocket Day. 

  • Write a poem: We’ve gotta start off with a no-brainer, right? It can be easier said than done to sit down and write a poem; we totally understand that. Learning to write a poem can be challenging without the right encouragement. But here’s a little tip of advice: writing for yourself makes for the best writing. That’s right! It can also be a great form of self-care/self-love and a way to relieve some heavy emotions. Or, on the flip side, writing a poem can also be a way to immortalize a fantastical feeling you have! Writing a poem on Poem in Your Pocket Day sounds pretty darling, doesn’t it?
  • Participate: If you watched the video up above, you saw that on this fab day, people volunteer to hand out poetry to others and spread the word about Poem in your Pocket Day and poetry altogether. What a beautiful way to connect with your community and pour some good into it by participating in the fun! Call or stop by your local library and see if they happen to have an activity going on that you can volunteer with. And if they don’t, why not pitch them the idea? Libraries are a perfect spot to engage, along with local coffee shops.
  • Volunteer to Read Poetry: Kick the wholesomeness up a notch by calling ahead of time to a school or nursing home and see if you can set up a poetry reading time on April 27th. How heartwarming of a connection would it be to read poetry to young minds who will carry this memory with them? Or those who have walked many paths in life and are touched that someone took the time to read them beautiful poetry? 
  • Deliver poetry to loved ones: Either snail mail (which would be a super fun surprise, especially for us adults who don’t typically get “fun mail”) or email, send some poems to a loved one! Take some time to read through famous poems or poems created by indie authors and pick out a few that remind you or certain family or friends and send it their way with a thoughtful message. Sign it with Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day! and keep the poem curiosity train going! 
  • Support local/indie poets: Typically, in local libraries or indie bookstores, there’s a section for local authors. Show some extra support and love for the writers in your community by checking out their work! Who knows, you may have a new favorite author that wasn’t even on your radar until now. 
  • Share on social media: Using #PocketPoem be a part of the buzz and poetic thrill and share your National Poetry Month adventures and your take/activities on Poem in Your Pocket Day! Not only is it a fun way to share, but you’re also raising awareness about National Poetry Month and its special days. You could inspire someone without even knowing it!
  • Dedicate a poem: Do you know what would be super duper romantic? If you wrote a poem for your partner on Poem in Your Pocket Day (bonus points if you sneak it in their pocket the day before and they find it on April 27th!). Although, the dedicated poem doesn’t have to be for a romantic relationship. You could write a poem for your best friend, sibling, or parent; the list goes on and on!
Notebook with a pen beside a cup of coffee and poems neatly tied up for poem in your pocket day during national poetry month.

Look at you; you’re a Poem in your Pocket Day expert! Now you can share the fun love of poetry in your community and be a part of this grand time of National Poetry Month. Truly, a time to slow down time, enjoy those around you, and take time to appreciate the art of poetry. 

We’d also like to start the celebration by sharing a poem with YOU!

“I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.”

– Walt Whitman, Song of Myself (1st Paragraph)

Have a magnificent month full of poetry, light, and love! And remember, if you want to put your poetry cap on, write for yourself first and watch the magical unfurl.

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