What To Do With Dried Flowers

What To Do With Dried Flowers

We love flowers in the house. It brings a sense of life and warmth that is unparalleled. The process of putting fresh flowers into a vase, styling them, and then admiring the flowers as the days go by is soothing. Even more so if it was a gift. And you can get wonderful, beautiful results … Read more

Halloween pots colorful pumpkin, ghost, Frankenstein how to make decorations

DIY Halloween Decorations from Nursery Pots

If you’re like us, you probably save a lot of things because “one day we’ll totally have a use for that [insert thingamajig here]”. For us, one of the biggest piles of stuff we have is those black plastic nursery pots that your plants come in from the garden center. You know the pots…they come … Read more

Raised pallet garden bed with vegetables

How to Make Raised Garden Bed from Pallets

My mom wanted to grow some veggies in her desert backyard. A friend of ours needed to dispose of a pallet from a recent furniture order. So I decided to build my mom a pallet raised garden bed, DIY-style! What’s Needed Why a Raised Pallet Garden? A friend of ours was getting their new nursery … Read more

DIY Garden Markers using Stencils and a Cricut Machine

In this post I’m writing about DIY Garden Markers using Stencils and a Cricut Machine.  I hope you enjoy the garden posts and that they are helpful to you. Last year I made some wood slice garden markers which you can see here.  I made several for our garden and they somehow have disappeared.  I … Read more

Free SVG and JPEG Garden Labels for Stencil Making

It’s Spring and that means getting a garden in for a lot of people, which is the perfect time to make garden markers using these Free SVG and JPEG Garden Labels for Stencil Making.  This is actually my little family’s second year growing a garden so we’re still newbies at it. We went a little overboard … Read more