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How 2 Embroidery Punch Needle: Easy-Peasy!

You’ve most likely heard of the trendy and super fun hobby of Punch Needle, but are you familiar with Embroidery Punch Needle or are you looking to be? Well step right up; we’ve got all the info you need on Embroidery Punch Needle, how it works, and how to get started!

In this article, we’ll cover the difference between Punch Needle and Embroidery Punch Needle, what you need to start Embroidery Punch Needle, and more.

Get that crafting-thinking hat on, get cozy, and let’s mosey on over to our excellent Embroidery Punch Needle info!

Close up of an Embroidery Punch Needle along with Embroidery Punch Needle tips and tricks

What is the Difference Between Punch Needle and Punch Needle Embroidery?

Punch Needle is a fun hobby that can also be pretty therapeutic and relaxing once you get the hang of it! Learning how to Punch Needle can be a little less tricky when compared to other string/sewing hobbies. Plus, you can create cute little creations like rugs, decor, and more!

Now Punch Needle vs Embroidery, there are a few key differences:

  • Needle Size: When you’re doing Embroidery Punch Needle, you’ll be using a much smaller size compared to the go-to Punch Needle. This is because the string you’ll be using is much thinner, and the material that’s required is finer. Thankfully, the way you thread a Punch Needle is the same regardless of the size!
  • Cloth Material: For Embroidery Punch Needle, you’ll be using a material called Weavers Cloth or a fine material along those lines. When you’re doing a regular Punch Needle with a larger needle, you use Monks Cloth. This cloth’s ‘holes’ that you punch through would be way too big for an Embroidery Punch Needle, and the Embroidery Floss would have no chance at its loops being able to stay in.
  • Embroidery Floss > Yarn: For Embroidery Punching, you’ll be using Embroidery Floss instead of Yarn like you would for a regular Punch Needle. You can tell when a string’s material isn’t right for your Punch Needle in one of two ways.
    • 1) When you’re threading your Embroidery Punch Needle, if the thread can’t be pulled through, it’s too thick.
    • 2) If your string/loops are slipping through the material, you’re most likely not using the right string/material for your needle.
  • Details: One of the major differences between Punch Needling and Embrodiery Punch Needling is the ability to catch more fine details with the Embroidery Floss.
  • Time Commitment: This point varies depending on your outlook, but because Embroidery Floss is thinner than Yarn, it is more time-consuming to fill in your Punch Needle pattern. Not necessarily a negative, but something to note!

Aside from those main differences, Punch Needle and Embroidery Punch Needle’s techniques are pretty much the same! We go over this in great detail, especially for beginners on this Punch journey, in our #1 Punch Needle Tips & Tricks for Everyone, so be sure to give that a look over!

Close-up of an Embroidery Punch Needle next to a regular Punch Needle
Close-up of an Embroidery Punch Needle & a Regular Punch Needle

How Does Embroidery Punch Needle Work?

One of the cool common grounds that Embroidery Punch Needle and regular Punch Needle have is that their mechanics, aside from their size and materials, are very similar! More likely than not, once you know how to do one, you can do the other.

With that being said, most of the Punch Needle Tips and Tricks will translate over to Embroidery Punch Needle, but here are the steps you’d need to take when you’re getting ready to start an Embroidery Punch Needle project.

  1. Prepare Design: You can either freehand your Punch Needle design or you can print off a design and trace it onto your cloth. Take a look at our tips on how you can trace your design without a lightbox! We suggest doing this while your design is on the hoop!
  2. Gather Materials: Before you get started and after you have your pattern, you’ll need to make sure you have all your materials with you!
    • Embroidery Punch Needle
    • Wire Threader
    • Embroidery Hoop
    • Weavers Cloth/Fine Cloth
    • Embroidery Floss
    • Trimming Scissors
  3. Get Hoop Ready: Cut your cloth so it’s a few inches bigger on all sides than the hoop you’re working with. And make sure that your fabric is nice and taut, otherwise, your loops won’t stay in, and you’ll have a frustrating Embroidery Punch Needle work time instead of a fun one.
  4. Thread Needle: Before you can get started on your beautiful design, you’ll need to choose which color to start with and thread your Embroidery Punch Needle with that desired color.
  5. First Punch: Once your needle is threaded, you’re ready for the fun part– punching! Be sure you push your needle far enough down that it touches the fabric, then pull the end of the Embroidery Floss so that there is a tail on the other side of your work. Next, you want to lift your needle up but never let your Embroidery Punch Needle lift off of the fabric.
  6. Keep Punching!: The fun and relaxing part is here; you get to punch away at your design! Remember to punch in the direction you want your stitches/loops to go: so, if you’re punching a circle, move your hoop with you in the direction you’re going. And when you wish to switch colors, you can punch through the fabric, snip the string leaving a little tail behind and pull your Embroidery Punch Needle all the way out and replace it with a new color.
  7. Finished Up: Once you’ve finished your lovely Embroidery Punch Needle design, you can do a few different things depending on your project.
    • Looped side up: If you wish for the looped side of your project to be the side you show, you can clean up the other side of your work by trimming the tails left behind. This can also be done if you wish for the flat side of your work to be showing.
    • Off hoop: You can also take your work off the hoop if you wish and follow any special instructions for the creation you’re crafting (Ex: Punch Needle Rug)
A visual of an Embroidery Punch Needle threaded and how to thread a punch needle

What do you Need to Start Punch Needle Embroidery?

Let’s cover the basics of what you’ll need to start Embroidery Punch Needle, and if you’ve already started on your Punch Needle adventures, you may already have many of these things!

The only thing you may need creative juices for deciding what kind of Punch Needle pattern you’d like to do. A cool way to explore ideas is to create your own Punch Needle patterns for free by using! Even with its free version, there are 100s of images you can use as outlines for your Embroidery Punch Needle projects.

  • Embroidery Punch Needle
Handle Punch Needle Metal Tube with Wooden Texture Printing on it Handle Embroidery Pens Sewing Embroidery Punch Needle Weaving Tools for Thread and Yarn (2.5 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm)
  • Punch needle set: you will receive 1 piece handle with metal tube and wooden texture printing on it with 3 pieces punch needle, different size for you to complete your craft, package includes 3 size punch needles, specific sizes are for you to choose
  • Metal tube with wooden texture printing on it handle: the handle of punch needle has smooth surface that is comfortable to grip and easy to control, make your embroidery works more convenient
  • Easy to operate: first of all, make the yarn through punch needle to the top of pen, then make the yarn through the hole of needle, simple and quick to use; According to your yarn choose the right size to replace
  • Material: this embroidery pen is made of handle with metal tube and wooden texture printing on it and stainless steel punch needle, durable for use, and can reduce the friction between the needle and the cloth when you’re sewing
  • Wide application: punch needle for sewing works, crafting works, and embroidery works, curtain, pillowcases, clothing, decorative paintings and other manual DIY arts, you can design any textile item with patterns as you like, good choice for killing time and having fun on a lazy time
  • Wire Threader (If Embroidery Punch Needle doesn’t come with one)
Jofefe 5Pcs Long Needle Threaders for Punch Needles Embroidery Floss Cross Stitch DIY Sewing Craft Works (Bonus with 5pcs Small Needle threaders)
  • √ Package Included: 5pcs Long Needle Threaders for Punch Needls + 5Pcs Small Needle Threaders for Large Eye needles.
  • √ High quality steel Wire: the steel wire is Study and flexible to use, thin and long, which is easy to go through the needles.
  • √ Widely Used: the long needle threaders are great help for threading punch needles.
  • √ Great helpful: Help to thread a needle and string beads, pearls, glass beads or jewel beads, are suitable for needles and beads of many different sizes, help to improve your efficiency in needle work.
  • √ Best service: Any queries please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the best solution
  • Weaver’s Cloth/Fine Cloth
Weavers Cloth for Punch Needle Embroidery (for use with Thread) – 1 Yard
  • Great for Punch Needle Embroidery
  • For use with Ultra Punch Needle
  • Recommended fabric of punch needle designers
  • For use with Embroidery floss, fingering yarn or yarns resembling the same thickness as 6 strand threads, not for use with bulky yarns,
  • Not for use with bulky yarn
  • Embroidery Floss
Paxcoo 124 Skeins Embroidery Floss Cross Stitch Thread with Needles
  • WHAT YOU GET – Paxcoo Embroidery thread included 124 skeins embroidery threads along with a set of gold eye needles that is great for beginners
  • VIBRANT COLORS – Approx. 100 bright colors per pack, great for friendship bracelets, string art, needlecraft project, cross stitch project
  • STRONG EMBROIDERY THREAD – The floss is made of polyester- cotton, glossy and smooth to work with. Each skein is 8 meters long and includes 6 strands
  • EMBROIDERY NEEDLES – Come with 16 gold eye embroidery needles # 3-9, perfect for cotton or ribbon embroidery
  • NOTE – If you have any problem for our product, you can click “seller contact” button in your Amazon account to contact us. We will be delighted to help you and reply as soon as we can
  • Embroidery Hoop
Caydo 6 Pieces Embroidery Hoop Set Bamboo Circle Cross Stitch Hoop Ring 4 inch to 10 inch for Embroidery and Cross Stitch
  • Natural material : Made of Bamboo, harmless to the body
  • Multiple sizes(approx.): 4 inch (10cm), 5 inch (13cm), 7 inch (17cm), 8 inch (20cm), 9 inch (23cm) and 10 inch (26cm) with the six different sizes to suite your needs
  • Detail processing: Stainless steel screws with fine anti-skid embossed texture will fixed your fabric well
  • Artisan craftsmanship: Polished bamboo embroidered hoop which is light, beautiful and harmless to your hands; Cross stitch hoops is really a perfect gift for moms or embroidery lovers
  • Warm Tip: If you have any quality problems with the products you received, please contact us, we will do our best to make things right for you within 24 hours
  • Trimming Scissors
Hisuper 4.5inch Sewing Embroidery Scissors with Leather Scissors Cover, Sewing Crafting Sharp Scissors Stainless Steel Craft Shears Scissors for Needlework Manual Sewing Handicrafts Tool
  • Dimension: the size of the sewing embroidery scissors is about 4.5 x 2.2 inches, and the size of scissors cover is approx. 2.4 x 0.9 inches, proper sizes to meet your various sewing needs.
  • Durable material: our embroidery scissors are made of stainless steel, compact size, easy to use and store. Scissors is Hand-made, installed, polished, may leave marks, and there some little oil on tip for keeping scissors. Please put the scissors in a safe place away from infants and young children in case of any sharpness hurt.
  • Practical protective sleeves: these polka-dot leather sleeves not only look cute, but also prevent the scissors from being directly exposed to the air, the scissors will not be easy to rust, and can also avoid scratching the surface of the scissors during storage.
  • Various usages: sewing scissors can be widely applied for embroidery, sewing, making, etc., thoughtful gift for friends, family or close neighbors who likes DIY craft, bringing a lot of convenience.
  • Packaging: there are 1 pair stainless steel scissors and 1 piece leather scissors covers in package, all of them are convenient for you to use.

Now that we’ve covered the materials you’ll need to start Embroidery Punch Needle, let’s dive into another frequently asked question about this fun hobby!

Embroidery Punch Needle pattern on hoop with weavers cloth

Can you do Punch Needle Embroidery on Any Fabric?

Let’s cut to the chase; you do need specific fabric for Embroidery Punch Needle projects. For Embroidery Punch Needle you’ll need to use Weavers Cloth or a fine cloth like it. This is because Monks Cloth, what’s used for regular Punch Needle, isn’t woven tight enough for Embroidery Floss to make loops in it.

So, your short answer is nope, you need to use Weavers Cloth/Fine tight woven cloth.

Weavers Cloth for Punch Needle Embroidery (for use with Thread) – 1 Yard
  • Great for Punch Needle Embroidery
  • For use with Ultra Punch Needle
  • Recommended fabric of punch needle designers
  • For use with Embroidery floss, fingering yarn or yarns resembling the same thickness as 6 strand threads, not for use with bulky yarns,
  • Not for use with bulky yarn

You should go look in a mirror because you sure do look like an Embroidery Punch Needle extraordinaire! Okay, maybe not that level yet, but you have the glow of Embroidery Punch Needle haloed around you!

Jump into even more crafting excitement by reading up on some Punch Needle Tips and Tricks and exploring why Punch Needle is right for you. Enjoy your Embroidery Punch Needle journey!

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