Balloon Arch Way: 5 Creative Ways to Make One

A balloon arch way is a fun way to add color and excitement to any event or party. A balloon arch way can be used as a backdrop for photos, as a decoration for a dessert table, or as an entrance to a party. Balloon arches are super versatile and they can be customized to … Read more

vision board

The Ultimate Vision Board Guide: 5 Steps!

Harness your inner Main Character energy and create a Vision Board for yourself! In 5 simple steps, we’ll show you how to create the best one, along with fantastic Vision Board ideas.

tassel garland

Tassel Garland DIY 2 Items: Quirky & Easy!

Looking for a way to use up your floss string with as much character & aesthetic as possible? We’ve got the solution for you, and all you need is floss string & scissors; let’s make some Tassel Garland!

DNA string bracelet on hand sculpture that's holding up the peace sign with fingers

DNA String Bracelet Easy DIY in 3 Steps!

Amp up your floss game with our fabulous DNA-style string bracelet easy to follow in 3 simple steps. Tie it to your wrist or gift it to your bestie; either way, you’ll be crafting in style after this DIY!