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5-Step DIY Christmas Ornament Super Easy & Extra Cute

While kiddos dream of sugar plums during the holidays, adults see dollar signs. We love Christmas, but things get pricey fast! That’s why DIY Christmas ornaments are not only a fun holiday activity but also helps save on costs.

And for this DIY Christmas ornament it’s going to require a trip to the coffee shop. Trust us on this; it’s a win-win for everyone! If you’ve been searching for unique ways how to make Christmas ornaments, you’ve come to the perfect festive spot.

Here is the adorably quirky and repurposed DIY Christmas ornament made from a coffee to-go cup!

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments made from Starbucks to-go coffee cups. Festive DIY Christmas ornaments easy for anyone to do.

DIY Christmas Ornament: To-Go Coffee Cup Spectacular!

For all the coffee nuts and hot chocolate enthusiasts, this DIY Christmas ornament is for you!

Starbucks is well-known for switching up their to-go cups around November to spark some holiday spirit. Have you noticed they’re different every year, and is it just me or are they getting cuter?

Well, now, instead of chucking that cup in the trash and creating waste, you can repurpose it and get even more bang for your buck!

Whether you’re doing DIY Christmas ornaments with the kiddos, you’re hosting a crafting night with your friends, or you just want something to do yourself, this Christmas ornament idea is perfect.

The best part is you can start this whole DIY Christmas ornament project out by taking a trip to the coffee shop! Everyone who’s participating can order a hot drink of their choice and be surprised by which cup design they’ll receive. Enjoy the deliciousness, and then get ready to craft.

We told you it’s a win-win DIY!

DIY Christmas Ornament Supplies: 4 Items

Isn’t it a sigh of relief when you see the supplies you need for a DIY, and it’s a low list of things you probably already have? Look out, Christmas tree, you’ve got some DIY Christmas ornaments coming your way!

  1. To-go Coffee Cup (Keep the lid!)
  2. Decorative String
  3. Scissors
  4. Sewing Needle

Step One: Clean the inside of the cup

Steps on how to make DIY Christmas Ornaments. A cleaned-out Starbucks to-go cup, ready to make homemade DIY Christmas Ornaments.

After you’ve enjoyed your scrumptious drink, you’ll want to wash it out. This works incredibly well if you rinse the inside of the cup out with hot water right after you’re done because the residue can slide right off.

Be careful not to soak your cup since we are working with paper here. But your cup will be able to withstand a quick hot rinse on the inside.

Once you’ve finished, grab a paper towel and dry your soon-to-be super cute DIY Christmas ornament!

Step Two: Cut your string

Cut string with a ruler, scissors, and decorative string ready to make DIY Christmas ornaments.

Grab your scissors; it’s time to cut your string of choice! The string will act as a loop that you can use to hang your DIY Christmas ornament up.

You can eyeball the amount you need to cut, but if you’d like to be precise, you should cut around 8 inches.

Step Three: Make a knot

Now that you’ve got your string cut and have your sewing needle handy, it’s time to get our knot on. Follow our simple and easy-to-follow directions below for stress-free craft time.

Fold the long string in half, so both ends of the string are together.

Decorative string folded in half for DIY Christmas ornament.

Tie the ends of the string into a simple knot.

Decorative string knotted at the ends for DIY Christmas ornament.

Feed the string through the needle until it is halfway through.

Decorative string pulled halfway through sewing needle for DIY Christmas ornament.

Step Four: Pull the needle through the lid

DIY Christmas ornament in 5 easy steps with 4 supplies items.

With your newly knotted string through your sewing needle, our next step is to pull it through the lid!

All to-go cups should have a small hole at the top of the lid, and that’s where our string is going to come through.

Removing the lid from the to-go cup, flip it around, so the inside of the lid is facing you.

To-go coffee cup lid removed and cleaned for DIY Christmas ornament.

Take your sewing needle and wedge it through the hole. This may take some patience; you don’t want to be too rough with your lid.

Sewing needle with decorative string pulled through hole in to-go coffee cup lid for DIY Christmas ornament.

Once you get your needle out on the other side, pull the loop part of your string out, and the knotted end will secure.

Making DIY Christmas ornament from a repurposed to-go coffee cup.
Making DIY Christmas ornament from a repurposed to-go coffee cup.
Making DIY Christmas ornament from a repurposed to-go coffee cup.
To-go coffee lid with decorative string pulled through for making DIY Christmas ornament from a repurposed to-go coffee cup.

Step Five: Secure the lid back on the cup and enjoy!

DIY Christmas ornament from a repurposed to-go coffee cup hanging on a decorated Christmas tree.

Now that you have your string successfully through the lid and the knot is holding tight, you can put the lid back on the to-go cup, and there you have it! Your very own DIY Christmas ornament made from a cutesy to-go coffee cup.

But the Christmas crafting fun doesn’t have to stop there. Let the festivities continue with our awesome bonus tips down below!

Bonus Tips

We love some good bonus tips at the end of a DIY; get a load of these fun tidbits!

  • Support your local coffee shops too! You can get a to-go drink from any coffee shop, so why not support a local business this holiday season? Their cup may not have the designs that Starbucks is known for, but you can use a few of our other bonus tips if you go this route!
  • Date your cups. Flip your cup over and use a pen or sharpie to mark the date on the bottom. How fun and simple to keep track of the fun designs and memories throughout the years!
  • Use them as Ornament Storage. A double whammy, since your DIY Christmas ornament is hollow on the inside, you can use it as storage when you put your Christmas decor away! Wrap your smaller Christmas ornaments in newspaper or paper towel and gently place them inside your cup, and fasten the lid. Save some space in your Christmas totes!
  • Customize your cups! This will work if you want to put your own flare on cups that are pre-designed or if you have a plain to-go cup. Let your creativity flow wild with the holiday spirit! And maybe get some inspiration with these Christmas Sayings and our own Christmas Stencil Ideas. 🎅🎄
DIY Christmas ornament from a repurposed to-go coffee cup hanging on a Christmas tree that's nicely decorated for the holiday season.

We hope you have a holiday blast crafting your own DIY Christmas ornaments. And who knows, perhaps this will become a fun, easy, and budget-friendly Christmas tradition for years to come. Imagine the look on friends’ and relatives’ faces when they see the unique creativity gracing your tree!

De-stress, stay safe, remember it’s the small things that fill our hearts, and enjoy your holiday season!

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