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Punch Needle 101 Why You Should Start TODAY!

Punch Needle is for anyone and everyone! Whether you just turned 10 or you’ve been on the crafting scene for decades, we’ll show you the ins and outs of this awesome crafting hobby and let you in on the reasons why we think Punch Needle is the perfect craft to start.

In this article, we’ll explore reasons why we think Punch Needle is beginner friendly, cover the tools you need to start, and answer questions you may have!

Get your crafting fanny packs tightened and your tumbler drink of choice ready to go; we’ve got some fantastic crafting ground to cover!

Set of three bright balls of yarn for punch needle and in doodle style on pink background with hearts.

Is Punch Needle Easy?

Here’s the big question to start it all off: Is Punch Needle Easy? How do you thread a Punch Needle? What kind of fabric do you use for a Punch Needle? All great questions! Let’s take it one at a time.

Firstly, Is Punch Needle Easy? The concept of Punch Needle is easy to follow along, and with the right Punch Needle Tips & Tricks, it can be an easy hobby to get into for beginners!

The vital thing we’d recommend is not giving up after the first frustration. No matter what craft, hobby, or anything you get into, there will be frustrating moments because it’s a brand-new thing. This means you have to give yourself some grace and learn from little mistakes.

When I first started, it was exciting and intimidating, and there were a few frustrations at first. This was mainly because I was going in blind with hardly any guidance, but after some research and practice, I was falling in love with Punch Needling.

If you’re itching to get into this fun craft and you’d like to start off with understanding How to Thread a Punch Needle, check out our easy-to-follow instructions and video!

To bring the question back around, Is Punch Needle Easy? The answer is that it can be an easy hobby to get into, but it does require patients and practice.

Big old tailor scissors for punch needle projects on pink background with hearts.

What Do You Need to Start Punch Needle?

One of the great things about Punch Needling is that it can be an inexpensive hobby once you have your tools. We’ll list out the basics, and we’ll list a Punch Needle Kit for beginners that is budget-friendly, has great reviews, and is packed with everything you’ll need to start out.

You can also see our list of Punch Needle essentials nestled in our 4 Steps: How to Thread a Punch Needle & Vital Q&As!

  1. Punch Needle
  2. Wire Threader
  3. Monks Cloth
  4. Fabric Scissors/Trimers
  5. Yarn
  6. Embroidery Hoop
Pllieay Punch Needle Embroidery Starter Kits for Kids and Adults Beginners, Include Instructions, Punch Needle Fabric with Floral Pattern, Yarns, Embroidery Hoops and Threader Tools
  • Punch Needle Kits for Beginners: Include an instructions, full range of embroidery starter kit with all the tools you need to embroider; Just with this set, you can finish a pretty embroidery
  • Package Content: 1pc embroidery hoop, 7 Colors Yarn, 1pc cotton cloth with floral pattern, 5pcs embroidery tools, 1 pc wood frame stand, 1pc instructions
  • Per-design Floral Pattern: There is colored pattern on the cloth, which will provide great help to starters. And the marked pattern can be washed off after you finish
  • Classical Ornaments: After finishing the embroidery, the embroidery pattern can be framed in the 6.3 inch round plastic embroidery hoop, display with frame stand in the living room or bedroom, as an interior decoration

What Are The Benefits to Punch Needle?

If you’re curious about what are the benefits to Punch Needle, we’re going to dive right in!

Punch Needling is a lovely and beginner-friendly hobby for quite a few reasons that come with awesome crafting benefits, and to save you some time we’ve went ahead and simply listed them out below.

  • Budget-friendly: As we briefly covered, Punch Needling is a great hobby because of its budget-friendliness. Aside from the first purchases of your needle, scissors, and wire threader (which usually comes with the needle), the yarn and monks cloth fabric used for Punch Needle projects are supplies that can last quite a while! You can even get yarn and embroidery hoops in most Dollar Trees now; crafting for all!
  • Create useful things: Why go out and buy a pot holder when you can craft your own with your special touch and flare? That’s right, you can Punch Needle purposeful things aside from decor (but, let’s be real, crafting your own decor is AWESOME). You can create coasters, rugs, signs, patches; you name it.
  • Craft unique gifts: Who doesn’t love a sweet, Hygge, homemade gift? When you get into Punch Needling, you can create all sorts of interesting and cute Punch Needle-crafted gifts! This is especially helpful if money is tight around the holidays; it’s budget-friendly, and the gift itself is filled with love, thoughtfulness, and uniqueness. It’s a win-win in our book!
  • Relaxing: The repetitive motions and satisfaction that Punch Needling provides can quickly become a relaxing hobby for you. Throw on a comfort show or podcast, get cozy in your favorite seat, and let yourself chill out. You may also find that it can be soothing and clear your mind of stress and clutter when you’re working on a Punch Needle pattern.
  • Quick gratification: With some crafting projects, it takes quite a bit of time until you see results. But with Punch Needling, if you keep at it, you can see your picture come to life sooner than you may think. It’s almost like coloring but with yarn and a punchy needle!
  • Travel-friendly: That’s right, you don’t have to be anchored down at a crafting desk or machine; you can take your Punch Needling anywhere with you! I have a tote bag that carries my desired yarn for my Punch Needle Project, my hoop, scissors, and threader, and I Punch Needle while riding along in the car, traveling for trips, or out on the front porch with my cat!
  • Lasting supplies: Something I love about Punch Needling is the fact that the supplies you usually get last quite a while. A yard of Monks Cloth can last up to a dozen projects, depending on the size of your project. And buying balls of yarn can also last for even beyond a dozen projects! Plus, your Punch Needle, scissors, and Wire Threader are typically one-time buys.
Banner template for hand made, knitting, sewing. Frame with sewing and knitting attributes in doodle style.

What Age is Appropriate to Punch Needle?

What age is appropriate to Punch Needle? This is greatly depending on the person, but broadly we’d say ages 9 and up, and here’s why.

As a disclaimer, we’d like to point out (no pun intended) that these needles can be sharp. This is where the depending factor comes in for children. If you teach your child how to be safe with this needle and you have a pillow or sweater on their lap while they’re learning (in case they’re working on their lap and they punch the needle a little too hard) we’d say that this can be a hobby they’ll grow to love! But, teaching these safeties is vital and shouldn’t be ignored.

What’s terrific about Punch Needling is that there aren’t any prerequisites and it isn’t incredibly difficult to get a feel for it. It does take patience and practice to get the hang of it and understand the art of Punch Needling, but we know you can do it!

We’ve pulled out a helpful tutorial video that you can watch to get a visual look at how Punch Needling works. This is the video that I started off with when I hit my first frustrating point, and after this video I was heading to Punch Lover lane!

Why You Should Start Punch Needle

Let’s circle back now to why you should start punch needle, because truthfully there are a lot of things you probably have going on in your day-to-day life and adding a hobby on top is a big decision to make.

Here are the quick and big points that have been made throughout this article and after reading them, you can decide if Punch Needling would fit well for you and your life!

  • Once you know the ropes, it can be a relaxing and stress-relieving hobby
  • You can craft gifts for your loved ones
  • Craft purposeful things you may need around the house
  • Punch Needling is a fairly budget-friendly hobby
  • You can virtually do your Punch Needling ANYWHERE
  • Punch Needling is an activity you can learn with someone you love, a child, or a friend and do it together

Plus, if you’re beginning to enjoy Punch Needling a lot, you can try Embroidery Punch Needling for more intricate designs!

Hand drawn tailor trimming for punch needle scissors on pink background with hearts.

So, what’s the verdict? Is Punch Needling for you? We hope that regardless of your answer that you enjoyed learning more about this fun and lovely hobby and your curiosity of it has been fulfilled. If you’re looking to dive right in, check out our extremely helpful Punch Needle Tips & Tricks!

And if you don’t know if Punch Needling is right for you right now, that’s okay! It’s not going anywhere and there’s no pressure to begin. Keep on crafting to your heart’s desire, and adventure around Repurposing Junkie for more fun DIYs!

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