How To Make A Balloon Garland (it’s easy!)

If you have a special occasion coming up and you want to add a bit of glitz and glamor to the affair, you could try making a balloon garland. Balloon garlands are decorations made out of braided balloons and are great for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and all sorts of holidays!

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Not only are they quite easy to make but they can also look super elegant when done correctly.

Making a balloon garland can initially seem like a daunting prospect, particularly to a beginning crafter. After all, they can be quite large and substantial creations.

But it’s not too bad once you get started! To help you make a balloon garland, we’ve provided detailed step-by-step instructions for the construction process. These instructions will make this crafting project seem way less intense then it might look when you’re standing in a room full of beautiful balloon chains! Also check out our article on how to make a balloon arch easy.

What Will I Need?

The making of balloon garlands will only require a handful of items. These can be easily acquired and many can be found around the house, especially if you make a lot of crafts.

How To Make A Balloon Garland
  • Balloons – though this may sound obvious, you will need balloons for your garland. Be sure to get a good range of balloons.
  • Balloon inflatorinstead of having to inflate balloons yourself, you can use an electric inflator which can make the process quicker.
  • Extra decorations, such as glitter (optional) – these decorations can really add to the sophistication of your balloon garland.
  • Command hooksthese will be essential for attaching your garland to your wall.
  • Tape – tape can be used to connect all the balloons and their extra decorations together.
  • Glue (optional) – you can use glue to attach extra ornaments onto your garland. This is optional and you can use tape if you find this easier.

Instructions for making a balloon garland

  1. To begin, select your balloons. You will need to find the colors that you want to use. This will depend on the theme of the party and who it is aimed at. If you are making a garland for a baby shower, you may want to use pastel blues and pinks. For a Christmas garland, use reds, greens, and golds. Meanwhile, if your party or celebration is for a young child, use bright and intense colors. You can be as bold or creative as you want when it comes to this step. However, complementary colors will make for a more subtle and elegant-looking garland. Using balloons of different sizes will also add some depth to your garland creation.
  2. Begin blowing up your balloons and tie up their ends once they have been blown to the desired size. To make things easier for yourself, use an electric inflator. This will be particularly useful when blowing up this many balloons since you will have to blow up a large quantity of them. Inflators can be purchased easily online for low prices.
  3. Arrange your command hooks on the wall and ceiling. Place them in the shape that you want your garland to be in. Ensure that these hooks are securely fixed onto the wall. If you have a banister or pole in your house, this will be a good place to tie your garland around. Wrapping a garland around a post will look incredibly sophisticated. However, it is entirely up to you as to where you hang your garland.
  4. Thread your balloons together or use a Balloon Decorating Strip. There are a couple ways to go when stringing your balloon garland together. Some folks use a needle through the tied end of the balloon along with twine or thread. But even though we’re all about repurposing here at Repurposing Junkie, we prefer to use a balloon decorating strip (also known as “balloon tape”) because it makes life so much easier! Our go-to balloon decorating strip is this one from Amazon. If you’ve never seen a balloon decorating strip, they look like this:
    instructions on using a balloon decorating strip
    This is a creative process and so there is no one prescriptive method of doing this. We recommend putting balloons of different colors and sizes next to each other. This will add variety to your garland. If you decide that you want to change your garland, you can easily take your balloon from the balloon decorating strip and move it elsewhere.
  5. Keep filling in your balloon garland until it looks thick and there are no longer any gaps. You should not be able to see the tape through the balloons.
  6. Secure your balloon garland onto the command hooks that you installed earlier. This should be in whichever shape you desire, such as an arch. If you are unhappy with your balloon arrangement, you can still rearrange them during this period. If you need more hooks to hold up your garland, you can add them now.
  7. If you want to add some extra decoration to your balloon garlands, such as glitter or flowers, you can do so now. This can be done with glue or more tape. Though this is not a necessary step, using additional decorations can enhance the aesthetic quality of the garland.
  8. Enjoy your beautiful balloon garland! Remember to take lots of pictures to share on social media with all your friends and family. Your garland will likely be the envy of all your guests.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to constructing balloon garlands, people tend to be curious. As a result, they have a lot of questions as to how to make and improve their garlands.

How Many Balloons Will You Need To Make A Garland?

The number of balloons your garland will require will depend on your artistic vision. You will, however, need a considerable amount. Many people tend to use over 100 balloons of different colors and sizes.

How Much Do Balloon Garlands Cost?

Purchasing a ready-made balloon garland can be quite expensive. It is certainly more costly than making one yourself, though this will be more time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The cost will depend on the quality, the size, the colors, the additional features, and the style. Balloon garlands can cost at least $10 per foot. Therefore, you will be saving yourself a lot of money by making one yourself.

Do Balloon Garlands Last For A Long Time?

Balloon garlands will last approximately a week. Balloons will begin to deflate over time. If you are aiming to keep your garland up for a long time, you can inflate them with your balloon inflator.

Where Can You Get Balloon Inflators?

A balloon inflator is a nifty device to own, particularly if you plan to make balloon-based crafts a lot. They can be bought from online retailers. They can also be found in some supermarkets, craft stores, and party stores like Party City.

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