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14 Projects Using Repurposed Ceiling Fan Parts

I’ve been repurposing ceiling fan parts for the past 2 years or so and I’ve got quite a collection of projects using the material from the ceiling fans.  I’m sharing these 14 Projects Using Repurposed Ceiling Fan Parts with you and I hope enjoy them! You can click on the picture or the project title for more details.

Coat Rack Using Repurposed Ceiling Fan Parts

This coat rack uses both fan blades and the brackets from the blades.

Wall Art Using Repurposed Materials

The “blue planter box” is actually a scrap piece of fan blade from another fan blade project.

Easter Sign

The chick on this sign is from a repurposed fan blade.

Angels Using Repurposed Materials

These angels were made using repurposed materials, including the glass shades that came from a ceiling fan.

Valentine’s Day Sign

This fan blade is the perfect canvas for a Valentine’s Day sign.

Hot Air Balloon Wall Art

This hot air balloon was made from fan blade parts.

Christmas Décor from Fan Blades

I was able to get 3 different projects from just one fan blade to create this Christmas décor.

Coffee Cup Signs

I love how these coffee cup signs turned out.  They’re the ends of fan blades.

Airplane Using Repurposed Materials

This airplane was probably one of my favorite projects using fan blades and other repurposed materials.

Ladybug Fan Blade

This ladybug was made from a fan blade part and a jar lid.

Animal Planters

These cute animal planters were made using fan blade parts.

Glass Shade Planter

A planter made from a glass shade is a great way to display flowers.

Glass Shade Organizer

Another great use for the glass shades from ceiling fans.

Wind Chime Using Repurposed Materials

This rustic wind chime was made using a repurposed ceiling fan part.

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14 Projects Using Repurposed Ceiling Fan Parts

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