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How to Make Organizers from Glass Shades

I’ll be sharing How to Make Organizers from Glass Shades in this post.

A while back I made a desktop organizer with some beautiful glass shades, and they have been so helpful in organizing the mess on my desk. 

I just happen to have some more glass shades and thought I would make some more organizers this time slightly different. 

The first set of organizers are set together on one piece of lumber.  

This time I chose to make the organizers on different blocks of woods.  

I painted the glass shades a lovely shade of blue to match my office. 

I drilled holes into the blocks of wood with a Forstner bit , so that the glass shades could be set inside of the blocks of wood.  

I painted the bases for the glass shades white, and not super great either, see the brush bristle? lol

The glass shades are just sitting inside the blocks of wood. 

I put some of my taller tools in the organizers like stencils brushes, crochet hooks, and paint brushes. 

I like that this set of organizers is taller which is perfect for holding taller items like brushes.   

What do you think of the organizers?

Thanks for sharing this post, How to Make Organizers from Glass Shades!

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