28 Free Punch Needle Halloween Patterns

Free and quality Halloween patterns shouldn’t be as difficult to find as it is that house that passes out full candy bars on Halloween night. Consider us the Halloween patterns jackpot for your Free Punch Needle patterns services!

We have 28 spooky, cutesy, and ready-to-go Halloween patterns that you’ll not only have fun punch needling, but you’ll also be able to use your newly made Halloween decor decorations year after year. We love to repurpose items, and we also love to be able to use items we create year in and year out. Every time you see your homemade Halloween decor come out of its storage box, you can beam with pride, knowing that you made something pretty neat with your own crafty hands.

Whether you’re a beginner Punch Needler or you’ve been Punch Needling for a while, these Halloween patterns are a lot of fun and can serve as a fantastic set of Halloween decor. Or, you can craft one to gift to a friend or family member who is a Halloween fiend.

Get your witch hats on and your broomsticks ready; we’re cruising into some spooky stuff!

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Free Punch Needle Halloween Patterns

We have a variety of Halloween Punch Needle patterns within our handy and easy-to-download packet. Some images may be for more experienced Punch Needlers or a goal to work up to if you’re starting out with Punch Needling. However, the majority of these images are simplistic for the most part.

Why are these Halloween patterns more simplistic? It’s because we know, as Punch Needlers ourselves, that details can sometimes get lost in the fuzziness of the loops on your presenting side (IF your presenting side is the looped, fuzzy side). So, to steer clear of a frustrating and unsatisfying Punch Needle experience, we’ve taken the time to choose Halloween patterns that have just enough detail that they shouldn’t get too muddled in your yarn loops. Take a look at our extensive list of Punch Needle help articles towards the end of this article for some further Punch Needle assistance. We’re happy to help!

Feeling inspired to create your very own pattern images? Try using Canva!

How to Download Free Punch Needle Halloween Patterns

Don’t you hate when you find something that’s free and of quality and you hit that download button, but then there’s a catch, you need to enter your email address? BOOOOO (<– And not the cool spooky kind!)

There’s 1 extremely simple step in order to get your free Halloween patterns for your Punch Needle projects, and there’s no email or personal info required!

  1. Click the download button, found at the bottom of the file you see below these instructions.

How easy is that?! We know there are a lot of hoops and loops you have to jump through in your day-to-day life, and we don’t want to be one of them. You deserve to enjoy some free Halloween patterns, and we’re here to deliver!

Once your file is downloaded, you can do one of two things to use your free Halloween patterns for your Punch Needle projects.

  1. Print off the PDF packet, cut out the images you want to use, and then trace them onto your hooped Monk’s Cloth.
  2. Pull the PDF up on your computer and use the light from your screen as a makeshift lightbox to trace the image onto your Monk’s Cloth with a fabric marker or sharpie.

And there you have it! You’re ready to start Punch Needling your very own spooky and cutesy Halloween Decor!

How to Use Our Free Punch Needle Halloween Patterns

Now that you have these Halloween patterns, what in the heck can you do with them? Sure, they’re adorable, spooky, and all, but once the yarn is done and your hoop is down, what are you supposed to do with the fuzzy thing?
We’ve got some ideas to help you out so you can enjoy your free Halloween patterns for your Punch Needle!

  • Window Decor: These Halloween patterns are perfect to use as window decor during the spooky season! You can either keep your design in the embroidery hoop, or you can take it out and fashion it with some felt backing, attach some string, and you’ve got some spooky window decor for Halloween!
  • Spooky Gift: Do you have a friend who LOVES Halloween? Wouldn’t it make their entire month if you surprised them with a little Punch Needle creation? Pick out a Halloween patterns that reminds you of your Halloween-loving pal and make something special for them.
  • Door Hanger: Just like the Window Decor, you can also use these Halloween patterns as a stellar door hanger decoration. Whether it’s hanging out on the doorknob or hanging like a wreath, your door will be the talk of the neighborhood!
  • Halloween Placemats: Make your home full of Halloween fun by creating Halloween-themed placemats for your dining room table. You can use different Halloween patterns for each placemat or make them a matching set. You and your family can look forward to pulling them out every year.
  • Potholder: Do you like to host a Halloween party every year, or enjoy going to them? Give your festive dish something special to sit on by crafting a spooky potholder with one of your free Halloween patterns!
  • Spooky-cozy Mug Rug: It’s the little things that make the day go round, right? So why not craft yourself or a loved one a mug rug that’s especially for the autumn/spooky season? It’ll be sure to make yourself or that special Halloween lover smile every time they go to pick up or set down their mug.
  • Doormat: Creating a rug from a Punch Needle is one of the ultimate goals to strive for, and if you’ve reached that Punch Needle peak, then crafting a Halloween-themed doormat is your next stop on the crafting express! There are a ton of possibilities for a Halloween doormat, and the free Halloween patterns you’ve just downloaded are a great start to get the ideas flowing.
  • Halloween Garland: Who doesn’t love garland? You can create a cool Halloween Garland using your Punch Needle tools!
  • Coffee Table Center Piece: Spruce up your coffee table during the spooky season by punch needling a little centerpiece! It could be a ghost wearing a cowboy hat, a witch’s cauldron, or a classic back cat. Whatever you decide, it’ll be a nice talking piece and cozy decoration to admire for you and your guests.

Helpful Punch Needle Articles

Punch Needling is an amazing and even therapeutic hobby that we love to share and write about. But it can be daunting if you’re starting out and you don’t know where to start. Here is a list of our helpful Punch Needle articles, tips, and assistance to make your Punch Needle journey a bit easier.

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Free halloween patterns for punch needle. Illustration of ghost wearing a cowboy hat. Quirky halloween decor. Halloween decor. Ghost drawing. Ghost.
See how this quirky Halloween Decor pattern was made!

We hope you have a blast with all of your new Halloween patterns and that it brings you festive, spooky-loving joy time and time again. Be sure to check out all of our Punch Needle fun here at Repurposing Junkie, and come back again for new tips, project ideas, and inspiration!


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