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20+ Homemade Gift Ideas W/ Punch Needle

We all love receiving gifts and giving them away! If you’re on the lookout for some homemade gift ideas that you can create with your super-duper Punch Needle, you’re in luck! We’ve got some fabulous and adorable homemade gift ideas brewing up and ready for you to take a swig.

Within quite a few of our fun homemade gift ideas, we’ve also placed links to our helpful tutorials for a variety of Punch Needle projects. And if you’re searching for some free and easy Punch Needle patterns, we’ve got your thrifty back as well!

Whelp, there’s no crafting time to waste; let’s take a look at these lovely homemade gift ideas.

“That’s the thing with handmade items. They still have the person’s mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone.”

-Aimee Bender

Punch Needle Homemade Gift Ideas

Gifts can be rather expensive; all of the holidays, birthdays, celebrations, promotions, life events, the list never seems to end! That’s just one reason why homemade gift ideas can come in super handy, aside from the fact that homemade gifts are super sweet and hygge. For the majority of these Punch Needle projects, you’ll need the basic supplies of:

  • Punch Needle
  • Wire Threader
  • Yarn
  • Monk’s Cloth
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Crafting Scissors

Of course, each project will vary, but these are the bare essentials you’ll need. Now, let’s get to grooving on these homemade gift ideas!

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Any Occasion Punch Needle Homemade Gift Ideas

There are lots of occasions in life where you may need a gift, or you just want to be sweet and give a gift out. Good for you; spread that joy and sweetness! Here is a list of Punch Needle gift ideas that you can use on any occasion to make the day of your friends, family, coworkers, or significant other.

  • Bookmark
    • Is there a bookworm in your life who can’t get enough bookmarks? Try making them one, it’ll become their favorite!
  • Sink/Bathroom Rug
    • Who wouldn’t love to receive a handcrafted and adorable Punch Needle rug specifically for their kitchen/bathroom sink? Think of how fuzzy, cozy, and delightful that would be and incredibly thoughtful.
  • Car Cupholder Coasters
    • We spend a lot of time in our cars, so why not give them a little personal touch? Punching/crafting custom car cupholder coasters is such a fun and touching gift to give someone. Every time they hop in, they’ll think of you!
  • Wall-Hanging Decor
    • From welcome signs to home sweet home, you can get creative and Punch Needle just about any wall-hanging decor item you can think of.
  • Placemats
    • There are many occasions when someone might want placemats for a special dinner they’re having. But it’s kind of one of those things you don’t really think about until you need them. Get one step ahead of your host-loving friend/relative by crafting them some homemade placemats! These can be perfect for holidays, special dinners, decor, or even for their camper/camping/cabin adventures.
  • Magnets
    • You can’t have enough fridge magnets, right? Give someone in your life a fuzzy and cute custom magnet! Fabulous for fridges, workspaces, lockers, and more!
  • Decorated Purse/Tote Bag
  • Clothing/Bag Patches
    • Use your Punch Needle to punch a beautiful, funny, or simple fabric patch that you can attach to a piece of clothing, a bag, a pillow, or whatever you can think of.

Time to keep the Homemade gift ideas train going and explore some birthday present ideas that you can craft with your wicked awesome Punch Needle skills!

Homemade gift ideas with punch needle. Punch Needle homemade gift ideas. Handmade gift ideas. Punch Needle ideas. What can I make with punch needle? Punch Needle graphic.

Birthday Punch Needle Homemade Gift Ideas

Birthdays are special, fun, and full of life, and what can add to that excitement is crafting something 1 of a kind special just for that birthday person in your life. That’s where these wonderful Birthday Punch Needle homemade gift ideas come in!

  • Welcome Rug
    • Rugs are fairly popular in the Punch Needle world, and everyone can use a sweet little welcome rug!
  • Pillow Cover
  • Mug Rug
    • Mug rugs are a fun and trendy name for coasters, and there’s an endless amount of possibilities and customizations for mug rugs; we love them!
  • Hair Clips/Headbands
    • Get your hot glue gun out and punch some fun details that you can attach to a hairclip accessory; easy-peasy!
  • Phone Pillow
    • A phone pillow!.. You know, when you set your phone down next to you while you’re working or you’re doing your thing. Don’t you think your phone would like a nice place to lay down after all the hard work it’s been doing for you all day long?
Homemade gift ideas with punch needle. Punch Needle homemade gift ideas. Handmade gift ideas. Punch Needle ideas. What can I make with punch needle? Punch Needle graphic.

Holiday Punch Needle Homemade Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays! We love a reason to get dressed up and celebrate, but sometimes we can’t lie, getting gifts for everyone in your life can be a bit tiring and expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some nifty and thrifty holiday homemade gift ideas you could use with your Punch Needle? Huh, wouldn’t that be nice … oh wait, you DO have homemade gift ideas ready to go just down below!

  • Potholder
    • This may sound like a simple and plain gift, but potholders, especially during the holiday season, can be scarce; a cook can always use more! Plus, if you’re having trouble thinking up a gift for someone, a practical homemade gift ideas like a potholder is perfect.
  • Holiday Specific Rug
    • Some people go all out on their holiday decor, and you can assist those holiday dreamers by creating a rug that fits that specific holiday!
  • Garland
    • You can get really creative and customizable with Punch Needle Garland as a cool and quirky holiday homemade gift ideas. We have a few to pitch to you!
    • Ghost/Pumpkin Garland for Halloween
    • Presents/Christmas Trees/Santa/Elves Garland for Christmas
    • Hearts/Kisses Garland for Valentine’s Day
    • Turkey/Pumpkins/Leaves Garland for Thanksgiving
  • Holiday Placemats
    • Holidays are typically when most households have fancy-all-out dinners, so why not add some adorable homemade placemats in the mix? They’ll make an amazing conversation starter.
  • Ornaments
    • Another thing you can’t get enough of is ornaments! This makes an unbelievably adorable set of homemade gift ideas and ones you can use every year!
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Anniversary/Wedding Decor Gift
    • Although this isn’t a ‘holiday’ per se, it is a very special occasion! Create a lovely wall hanging of a wedding/anniversary date for a happy couple. Note only will it be a sweet reminder of their love story, but it’ll also remind them of the amazing person in their life who made it for them!

We hope you’ve found some handy, crafty, and thrifty homemade gift ideas you can complete with your Punch Needle. Be sure to peek around the rest of Repurpose Junkie for even more homemade gift ideas and Punch Needle fun!

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