Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas Easy @ Home DIY!

Spooky season sure does sneak up on you, and gathering Halloween costume ideas easy and inexpensive isn’t always the easiest task.

But we’ve got you covered! We’ve searched and pulled out our top 10 favorite Halloween costume ideas easy and last-minute friendly, so you don’t have to enter the fun of Halloween on a stressful note. Your Halloween season should be fun, and man, oh man, do we have some fun costumes for you to explore! And you best believe that these costumes you’ll be seeing below have some serious Halloween Instagram Caption potential.

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Illustration of two people dressed up as ghosts from Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas Easy list.

Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas Easy DIY

We love all of these Halloween costume ideas easy, clever, and fun, so it was difficult to order them! But, nevertheless, we hope you enjoy these entertaining, cute, and punny Halloween costume ideas and they create some fun future memories for you.

10: Doctor/Nurse

Is there a Doctor in the house?! Well, perhaps if you dress up as one and shimmy your way over to that Halloween party, you’ve been looking forward to!

We love it because this Halloween costume ideas easy for everyone to obtain, and it’s also pretty comfy. Most thrift stores have a few racks dedicated to scrubs, and if you get lucky and you find a lab coat or stethoscope, congrats! You’ve graduated from Halloween Medical School!

Here are the basics that you’ll need for your Doctor/Nurse costume:

  • Scrubs
  • Long sleeves underneath (optional)
  • Fake name badge (optional)
  • Lab coat (optional)
  • Stethoscope (optional)

Not too shabby for last-minute Halloween costume ideas easy for medical show fans alike! Let’s dive into some more ideas that’ll get you in the Halloween spirit.

Nurse Halloween costume ideas easy to do at home for low cost. Nurse costume. Doctor costume. Cheap Halloween costume ideas.
Let’s give it up for @emma.vigi over on Insta for this awesome Grey’s Anatomy-inspired costume!

9: Rosie the Riveter

She’s strong, powerful, iconic, and it takes the cute/baddie cake in our Halloween costumes ideas easy to-do list! Rosie the Riveter is a symbol of strength and empowerment, so why not break that out for Halloween?

We gotta say a Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume is genius, and Designs by Brianna, Modern Vintage Latina, did an excellent job portraying that below!

Here’s what you’ll be needing for your Rosie the Riveter costume:

  • Red bandana
  • Jean shirt (rolled up)
  • Jeans

It’s pretty wild how inexpensive you can put together some of these Halloween costume ideas easy and quickly, especially a costume idea that’s so iconic and fun!

Halloween costume ideas easy to put together last minute. Last minute Halloween costumes for women. Halloween costume ideas for girls.
Whoop Whoop! Check out Designs by Brianna, Modern Vintage Latina!

8: Bob & Linda Belcher, from Bob’s Burgers

As lovers of the show, my Husband and I dressed up as Bob and Linda Belcher from the iconically hilarious show Bob’s Burgers a few Halloweens ago. It’s a fairly simple costume amongst our list of Halloween costume ideas easy for Halloween lovers to obtain on short notice.

The only thing that may be an obstacle is if you want to purchase a wig or use temporary color hair spray. As a side note, we did use the color hair spray, and that was quite the circus act to both apply and get out. So! Remember that your costume doesn’t have to be exact to be fantastic; it’s still fun just to dress up.

The Bob & Linda Essentials:

  • Bob-
    • White/beige t-shirt
    • Apron
    • Grey sweatpants/pants
    • Mustache
  • Linda-
    • Red long sleeve shirt
    • Red glasses
    • Jeans
    • Yellow shoes (optional)

Let’s continue jiving down this list of fun Halloween costume ideas easy to put together and inexpensive to create.

Halloween costume ideas easy for couples to do. Easy couple costume idea. Halloween couple costume idea. Bob Belcher. Linda Belcher. Bob and Linda Belcher Halloween costume.

7: Mickey/Minnie Mouse

We’ve got a couple of iconic symbols and characters here on our list of Halloween costume ideas easy to throw together at home or with a quick trip to the thrift store. But arguably, this one is one of the most iconic– Mickey & Minnie Mouse!

Whether you’re going for a cute and easy couple costume or you’re flying solo, this costume delivers on multiple levels.

Let’s see the Mickey/Minnie Mouse costume essentials:

  • Mickey-
    • Black shirt
    • Red shorts
    • Mouse ears
    • White gloves
    • Yellow shoes
    • Black dot on your nose
  • Minnie-
    • Red/pink bow (Polka dots if you can!)
    • Red/pink Dress (Polka dots if you can!)
    • Mouse ears
    • White gloves
    • Yellow shoes
    • Black dot on your nose
Halloween costume ideas easy to put together last minute. Last minute Halloween costumes for women. Halloween costume ideas for girls.
Take a look at Jenn’s Halloween inspo over at Hello Rigdy!

6: Weird Barbie, from Barbie, 2023

Arguably one of the funniest and most relatable characters from the excellent hit movie Barbie (2023), also makes for a pretty awesome last-minute Halloween costume! When you’re choosing to dress up as a character from a movie, it can be easy to get stuck on all the details. Of course, it’s fun to get as close as you can to replicating a character, but try not to take the fun out of dressing up by getting stressed about not getting everything exact. It’s all for fun!

Here’s what you’ll be needing for this Weird Barbie costume:

  • Pink Dress (Don’t be afraid to make it look a little rough)
  • Washable Markers (Try to replicate Weird Barbie’s iconic look!)
  • Add in your own ‘weird’ pieces! Such as leggings, boots, or even throw in a short wig, if you have access to one, and give it a spruce of color.
Weird barbie from the barbie movie Halloween costume ideas easy to DIY. Easy diy Halloween costumes.
Weird Barbie, Barbie, 2023

5: Mr. & Mrs. Fox, from Fantastic Mr. Fox

We absolutely adore this fun and quirky idea this creative couple came up with, especially as Wes Anderson and Roald Dahl fan ourselves!

The basics you’ll need for this adorable Halloween costume ideas easy-peasy are:

  • Semi-formal wear (Doesn’t have to be specific to what the characters are wearing in the movie/book; add your own flare to it!)
  • Fox Mask (This can be store-bought, or you can have a creative night together by crafting masks of your own)
Mr. and Mrs. Fox couple costume. Cheap couple costume. Easy couple costume. Fantastic Mr. Fox costume. Halloween Costume Ideas Easy to assemble at home.
Check out more ideas from A Beautiful Mess!

4: Gym Teacher

We’ve all had gym teachers in our lives at one point or have seen them on TV; you know the mental image. And what a great addition to our Halloween costume ideas easy and awesome to throw together and act out.

What’s so fun about this costume idea is the creativity and acting behind it. You can really put together any kind of outfit with this costume, as long as it’s athletic clothing you’ve got yourself a Gym Teacher. Throw in a whistle and a clipboard, and you’re in business!

Bonus: If you’re at a party, you can go up to random party dwellers, blow your whistle, and order them to take a lap!

Halloween costume ideas easy and simple for guys to put together at the last minute. Last minute Halloween costumes for guys. Gym teacher Halloween costume.
@istvan_92 featured on College Life Made Easy

3: Raining Men Punny Costume

Sometimes you just can’t resist a good old pun, and Halloween is a free pun pass! And this punny Halloween costume ideas easy to assemble and is immediately recognizable. Plus, you get to add your own personal touch to it!

The supplies you’ll be needing:

  • Printer (Or a magazine) for your pictures
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Tape
  • Umbrella

Pretty simple yet so hilarious! A huge Halloween clap for Kelly over at Studio DIY!

Take a look at more brilliant creativity over at Studio DIY

2: The Dancing Halloween Pumpkin

If you’re a Halloween lover you’ve most likely seen this gif when Fall hits our calendars in anticipation of the spooky season. It’s the dancing Pumpkinhead!

This gif has become a staple in the Halloween season, especially on social media and pop culture, and it also makes for a terrific second-place mark in our list of Halloween costume ideas easy to put together last minute or with minimal effort. Especially if you throw the dance moves in there (Look up Halloween gif, and you’re sure to see the set of gifs we’re referring to), you’ll be recognized and applauded for your genius creativity.

Your Dancing Pumpkin Costume Essentials:

  • Long sleeve Black shirt
  • Black Pants
  • Pumpkin Mask

Before we reveal our #1 spot in our list of Halloween Costume Ideas Easy for last-minute costume put together, let’s check out some honorable mentions!

The Pumpkin Dance Dancing GIF by Halloween - Find & Share on GIPHY

Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas Easy Last-Minute Honorable Mentions

As Halloween lovers ourselves, we thought we’d toss in a few ideas of our own of Halloween costume ideas easy for you to at home, on a budget, or last-minute ideas. Get ready to take a peek and get inspired!

  • Mr. Rogers: We all love the icon and hero that is, and forever will be, Mr. Rogers. So why not pay tribute by throwing on a pair of nice slacks, a button-up shirt, and your favorite cardigan?
  • Adorable Critter: Even if you can’t make it to the store to grab a pair of critter ears of your choice, using some washable marker or pencil eyeliner can transform you into a cute kitty cat in seconds!
  • Baker: Are you going to a Halloween party and need to pass a dish? Combine your baking with your costume, and be a baker! Complete with an apron and a little flour on your cheeks and forehead, and you’re good to go. You could even print off a Great British Baking Show logo (or a different baking show you love) and tape it to your apron for a little extra flare.
  • Tourist: Got some shirts you can snag from your Dad or Grandpa? Then you’re halfway done with your funny and easy Tourist costume! This Halloween costume ideas easy DIY is a super fun portrait of tourist-like characters from 80’s and 90’s movies, or just what you imagine in your head when you hear the word ‘tourist’. Bonus points if you’re wearing a visor and have a map in your hand!
  • Narrator: Now, this costume takes a bit more acting and commitment than it does costume cooperation. You can dress up in formal-casal wear, and people may wonder what you’re dressed up as. But they’ll slowly figure it out as you start to narrate what the people around you are doing. This can be extremely hilarious, it’s one of our favorites on this Halloween costume ideas easy DIY list!
  • Undercover Agent: This can be a fun couple Halloween costume for those who like to get a little dressed up. We’ve all seen a heist movie or two; there’s always that one scene where the agents are dressed in formal wear, and they have a secret hearing piece in. Who would have thought it would make a fairly easy Halloween costume?
  • Camp Counselor: You can get really creative with this one! As long as you’ve got a camp counselor vibe, maybe that’s a guitar strapped around your back or a whistle around your neck, you’re ready to go. Get ready to sing some campfire songs!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our creative and fun Halloween costume ideas easy to put together at home! Now, let’s get back to our Halloween Costume Ideas easy DIY list and see which one landed in 1st!

Illustration of ghost with candy pumpkin basket on Halloween from Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas Easy

1: Survivor Contestant

And here we are with the big reveal for the #1 slot on our list of Halloween costume ideas easy to put together at home and how fitting because it’s a great at-home show– a survivor contestant!

Survivor has been around since 2000 and has a whooping 45 seasons; it’s one of the pillars of reality TV shows. And it also makes for a heck of a last-minute Halloween costume! Even if you don’t have the Survivor branded buff, you could still use a bandana and or print off the Survivor logo and tape it to your shirt.

Either way, with this costume, it’s easy to put together, but it looks like intention and thought went into it, and that’s why we’ve got it tacked as our #1.

Here’s what you’ll need when you dress up as a Survivor contestant:

  • Survivor buff/bandana
  • Tank/t-shirt and pants that look worn
  • Make your face/hair look a little dirty
  • Bonus points for wearing an idol or holding a torch!

Below is a picture from Pinterester Katie McNeil where they’ve turned their Survivor Contestant costume idea into a couple costumes with one being a contestant and the other being the host of the show, Jeff Probst; how fun!

Couples Halloween costume ideas easy to put together at home. DIY couple Halloween costume. Survivor contestant Halloween costume.

And there we have it! Our top 10 Halloween costume ideas easy to put together at home, plus 7 bonus costume ideas, has come to an end. But that doesn’t mean the Halloween fun has to! Check out our DIY Halloween Decor: Punch Needle Ghost in 5 Steps and our cutesy DIY Halloween Decorations from Nursery Pots!


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