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FREE Fun Coloring Pages of Food || 80+ Images!

*Ding Ding* Did somebody order coloring pages of food? Whelp, it’s on the house!

Not actually on the house, you don’t need a ladder, but these coloring pages of food are totally free! It’s not often that we come across something in life that’s of quality, has good intentions, and is no-strings-attached free.

That’s right, no email is required; you simply hit the download button, and you’ll have your own ready-to-print coloring pages of food PDF for you or the kiddo in your life. And to make things even more exciting and fun, we have FIVE free coloring pages of food ready for you to download and enjoy.

With 80+ images across these 5 awesome coloring pages of food, we’re excited to show them off to you. All of our coloring pages of food booklets are about food, of course, but they’re a bit more special than that. Four of our coloring pages of food booklets are all about obscure holidays that center around food!

Did you know that there’s a National Spaghetti Day? Well, there’s more than that in store with the fun coloring pages of food booklets below! You can mark your calendar for all sorts of fun obscure holidays and make your year have lots of days to look forward to and celebrate. A big thanks to for providing these awesome obscure holidays!

If you’re looking for some more free coloring pages fun, take a look at our Free Printables! Full of word searches for kids, coloring pages, and more!

Break out that box full of loose crayons, and there’s a Lego guy in there for some reason, and let’s get rocking and rolling on these awesome coloring pages of food!

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Coloring Pages of Food Ultimate Coloring Book

Ready for the ULTIMATE coloring pages of food booklet? Here it is, ready to go!

This PDF coloring pages booklet is full of a variety of foods that are mainly healthy fruits and veggies, but we tossed in a few desserts. We can’t lie; the desserts are pretty fun to color in and get creative with.

Our booklet is perfect to print out and bring along for a long car ride, homeschool activity, rainy day fun, or just for that kiddo who loves to color and can’t get enough!

To download, simply hit the blue ‘Download’ button at the bottom right corner, and your high-quality PDF coloring pages of food will be ready in a jiffy.

Coloring Pages of Food for National Spaghetti Day || January 4th

Do you love some tasty Spaghetti? Now you can celebrate National Spaghetti Day every year on January 4th!

This day is all about bringing your loved ones together and enjoying some warm and delicious comfort food– spaghetti! January can be quite the cold month, so whipping out some warm pasta and fun coloring pages can be a bright and shiny moment in the day.

Plus, it adds a little excitement after the holiday high is wearing down. There aren’t any big commitments or presents you have to pull together for National Spaghetti Day. Simply having a good meal and fun coloring sheets for the fam is more than enough.

Go ahead and hit the blue ‘Download’ button at the bottom right corner to get your pasta coloring on!

Coloring Pages of Food for Pi Day || March 14th

Happy Pi Day! You may notice the word isn’t spelled like the delicious bakery item, pie, but the equation pi. And that’s because Pi Day is on March 14th, which comes out to 3.14, and those are the first few numbers of pi!

Isn’t that clever? Now, you don’t have to get your geek on with pi equations, but you can celebrate with a sweet slice and coloring pages! Make March 14th a family tradition by baking a pie or going out for a slice at your local diner and bringing some free coloring pages along.

To print out your free Pi Day Booklet, click on the blue ‘Download’ button at the bottom right corner!

Coloring Pages of Food for Waffle Day || March 25th

Another fun obscure holiday around food lands in March, and it’s Waffle Day!

Every year on March 25th, you and your family can celebrate the warm, crunchy, and yummy goodness that is waffles. So break out that waffle iron or head to your favorite breakfast spot in town, because Waffle Day is a day you can’t miss out on the golden goodness.

Our coloring pages of food booklet centered around Waffle Day are full of fun and yummy-looking images that are ready to be colored in. This booklet is perfect for keeping your kiddo occupied at the restaurant while you’re waiting for your food, too!

Get your coloring pages of food PDF by clicking the blue ‘Download’ button at the bottom right corner.

Coloring Pages of Food for National Watermelon Day || August 3rd

When one thinks of watermelon, we can’t help but think of Summer. And a highly praised literary trailblazer said it best when it comes to watermelon:

“When one has tasted watermelons, one knows what angels eat.” – Mark Twain

You said it, Mr. Twain! And we’ve got some super fun and cute watermelon coloring pages of food that you and your kiddo are gonna love for National Watermelon Day. Whether you’re setting up coloring shop at a picnic table at the park or on the living room floor, these free coloring pages of food will be the perfect summer fun.

Plus, it may even get them excited to eat some more delicious watermelon! Print off your free PDF coloring pages of food by clicking on the blue ‘Download’ button at the bottom corner!

We hope you enjoy these free coloring pages of food wherever they take you and have even more fun with these silly and tasty obscure holidays!

Be sure to check out even more free fun at our Free Printable Resource Library! We enjoy providing these free goodies because we know it isn’t often that you can come across quality free items just for the good of it. So please enjoy and stop back at Repurpose Junkie for more wonderful crafts!

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