Refinishing an Entryway Table

I bought this table at a garage sale for $2 about a year ago. It certainly didn’t look like much at the time, but when I got done refinishing an entryway table for the first time I was really happy with the results…and the price! I refinished it by giving it a nice coat of paint and put it in the entryway to hold gloves, hats, keys, you name it.

Over the years the table took quite a beating from daily use right in the front entry of the house, so I decided it was time for the table to get a makeover. I wanted to paint it orange and use it in our living room for a side table. Here’s a photo of the end result from refinishing an entryway table.

I sanded and painted it.

I also put a stenciled design on the top level as I was refinishing an entryway table. This table was always pretty functional in the house, since overflow items could be stuck on the bottom level and the daily use items tossed up on the top level.

I got this beautiful stencil from one of my favorite craft stores, Hobby Lobby. It’s from the Show Offs stencil brand. Here is the link to the stencil. At first I was thinking it looks so nice I might have to be a bit more careful with what gets placed on the table — keys and other hard objects might scratch it — but then I realized in a few years I might just want to refinish it again!

I decided I liked the stencil on the top level so much that I would stencil on the bottom of the table as well. I offset the two stencil designs to make the look a bit more asymmetrical. The flowing design of the Show Offs stencil I got at Hobby Lobby really lent itself well to that offset look.

Refinishing an Entryway Table

Not too shabby. I enjoyed using the two different colors, and I love how adding just a little bit of embellishment with the Show Offs stencil from Hobby Lobby really makes this piece of furniture stand out even more.

If you’re looking for something different than what you typically find at Hobby Lobby, we also wrote this article about alternatives to Hobby Lobby stencils that you might want to check out. Sometimes it’s nice to step out of the box & venture out of your comfort craft store!

Refinishing an Entryway Table

I also hot glued ribbon on the edge of the table where there used to be veneer. If you haven’t used hot glue and ribbon on wood before, there’s really not much to it. Just be careful not to use too much glue or you’ll get ripples and bubbles from the glue itself under the ribbon. In this case, less is more in terms of glue volume…as long as you get a good thin band of glue all around the top and bottom of the table’s edge.

You’ll also want to go slow and press the ribbon down as you go — just remember the glue is HOT when it is first applied so you might want to use some silicone thimbles, they really help protect against the heat.

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The veneer was coming off when I bought it and so I put ribbon on the edge when I refinished it both times. The nice thing about using ribbon is the cost and low effort for sure. You’d be surprised how good it looks around the edges of the table. The pictures definitely don’t do it justice!

Refinishing an Entryway Table

I like the new look. How about you? It’s a far cry from the original old brown look, and has become a real conversation piece in the entryway of our home.

Refinishing an Entryway Table

What types of furniture have you refinished & repurposed? I’m always looking for good ideas and love hearing about your flea market & rummage sale discoveries. Let me know in the comments!


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