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Hobby Lobby Stencils and Best Alternatives

Stenciling is such a great crafting project. If you’re like us, your craft room is filled with lots of fun stenciling opportunities. You can never have too many Hobby Lobby stencils or any stencils for that matter!

From painting to outlining, making the walls in your house pop, or bringing a personal touch to your favorite items, stencils have a wide range of creative potential. The DIY projects are endless!

Get your craft on with the large variety of stencils below, and make sure your creative hat is strapped on tight because the project inspiration will be booming.

Hobby Lobby Stencils Overview

Although there is a large Hobby Lobby stencil category online, that may not be the case for your in-store experience. As merchandise can vary from store to store, or items can be picked over based on their popularity.

To get a taste of Hobby Lobby’s stencils, here are some prime examples of their letter alphabet stencil sheets that can come in lowercase, uppercase, and in an array of styles such as Script, Zendition, and Handwritten!

The images below are Hobby Lobby stencils product images.

Hobby Lobby Stencils
Hobby Lobby Stencils
Hobby Lobby Stencils

It would be a shame to not mention this other adorable stencil — the Gnome Party Stencil! Featuring cute little gnomes both tall and small partying it up with mushrooms and flowers.

Hobby Lobby Stencils
Hobby Lobby Product Image

Want to dive deeper into the world of stencils? Keep reading to discover even more stencils that you can get your crafting hands on. And who knows, maybe some new project ideas will pop into your head from being inspired by all of the neat stencils that are available online.

Looking for Stencils?

The Hobby Lobby stencils selection can be limited depending on your region & particular store. There’s no need to deprive yourself! There are many more fun and affordable options online. Go ahead and take a gander down below, and let the creativity and imagination flow as you check out more stencils!

Crafting projects with friends painting with stencils for painting

Stencils for Painting

We’ve all found some pretty exciting and nifty crafting tools in the world of Amazon, and if you haven’t boy you’re in for a treat! Not only can you see from the reviews of other crafters that these Amazon stencils are quality products, but they’ve also had success in both completing the crafting project and having fun.

These bestsellers on Amazon for stencils for painting will have your imagination bouncing for joy with all the project potential!

Most Popular Stencils for Painting

Take a peek at these most popular stencils for painting and tell us that you don’t get a tingle of excitement from imagining painting on one of these cute stencils. There is such satisfaction in painting over a stencil and removing it to see that crisp design come to life. You’ll see!

Wall Stencils Kit

Looking to switch up the vibe of a room in your home? Get extra creative with these wall stencil kits! Not only will it be a lovely and fun talking point in your home decor, but every time you look at that stenciled wall you’ll feel the heartwarming rewarding feeling of an amazing job well done!

Small Calligraphy Stencil

Who said you have to be a master of calligraphy? It’s no easy task! Well, now you can purchase one of these elegant small calligraphy stencils and see those fancy and classy letters come to life in no time.

Winnie the Pooh Paint Stencils

Anyone who says they aren’t even a little bit touched by Winnie the Pooh is just trying to act tough. Who doesn’t love that adorable honey-loving bear and the other loveable residents of the hundred-acre woods! And even more so, you’ll adore these cute Winnie the Pooh paint stencils that can bring the whimsical magic of Winnie the Pooh to whatever paintable surface you can imagine!

Where Can I Buy Stencils?

Have no fear, there isn’t a shortage of awesome stencils in the crafting world! Hobby Lobby stencils aren’t the only options out there, there’s a whole stenciling world out there ready to be explored by you and all of the fascinating stenciling projects that live within your creative mind.

Let’s take a look!

Stencils Hobby Lobby

Do you feel like wandering the virtual halls of Hobby Lobby for Hobby Lobby stencils? You can check out some more of their stencils and see what suits your creative needs.

Hobby Lobby Stencils
Hobby Lobby Product Image

Stencils Michaels

Bring on the stencils! There is a large selection available for stencils at Michaels to admire and choose from.

With 758 stencil results to marvel through, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect stencil for your project!

Craftsmart Stencils

Craftsmart is a fantastic brand available at Michaels that brings a reliable touch of quality and uniqueness to your creative works.

There are plenty of stencil tools and supplies, such as sponge packs and foam stippler sets that can enhance your stencil wheelhouse. Accompanying those great items are lots of beautiful and neat stencils like the 3″ Animal Paper Stencils Set, and a super awesome deal of a Mixed Font Alphabet Stencils that includes 4 different font styles!

Spray paint stencils for art project

Stencils on Amazon

And but of course, you can count on Amazon on your search for the perfect stencil. Take a look at these bestseller stencils on Amazon and get pumped up for your next DIY project!

Letter Stencil Design

Letter stencils entering the craft room changed the DIY game and waved bye-bye to those frustrating moments where you couldn’t get your letters just right or as evenly spaced as you wanted them.

Not only can you either draw the outline of your chosen stencil and color in later if you so desire, but you have a wide range of creative opportunities! You can grab your favorite colors of paint and paint over the stencil, the same with spray paint if you’re feeling edgy! The possibilities are bright-eyed and colorful, but how are letter stencils designed exactly?

Imagine it, stencils made their debut thousands upon thousands of years ago. From ancient Egypt to early China, stencils were even being used by Eskimos! And the basic principles of creating a stencil ring true now as they did back then; properly plan out what you want to stencil, and choose the right material to make your stencil out of.

A good stencil has a large enough design so it is easy to outline or paint on top of, and the material the stencil is made out of is sturdy and will last for a multitude of uses. Without these qualities, a stencil would be a bit difficult to use for DIY projects and other creative endeavors.

artist painting with stencil

Now that you’ve got stencils on the brain, you can go out and start exploring different projects and stock up your newly appointed stencil drawer. We assume you’re already clearing out a spot in your creative space for all the awesome stencils that are waiting to be dropped in your shopping cart!

If you’re looking for a little DIY stencil inspiration, be sure to check out our Free SVG Stencil Cut Files Resource Library and our helpful DIY stencil craft articles.

And if you use stencils from another source that you absolutely love, please let us know in the comments! We love to share great ideas from our readers.

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