Free Cat Month Printable Coloring Pages

Every September is Happy Cat Month, and we’ve put together some printable cat coloring pages to which you can add your artistic flair. Kitty cats have lived alongside humans for thousands of years, and from human companionship to natural pest control, they can truly be wonderful additions to our lives (that is, if you’re a cat person).

And if you’re looking for more cute coloring pages like this one, they can be found on my other site. It’s conveniently named: Animal Coloring Pages. :)

About Happy Cat Month

Every September, cats are celebrated by people the world over for happy and healthy cat month. The month is dedicated to our feline friends and humans who enjoy cats reflect upon their companionship and well-being. Even if you’re primarily a dog person, take a moment this September to think a few happy thoughts for those kitty counterparts to your K9 friends.

Here are some ways you can celebrate Happy Cat Month with your kitty:

  • Make an appointment with your veterinarian
    The healthier your cat the happier your cat will be. Make sure to schedule an appoint with your vet for a cat check-up and to ensure that your cat’s vaccinations are up to date.
  • Spend some quality time with your feline friend
    Contrary to some opinions, cats adore human attention. Cats are also very intelligent and can be taught to perform entertaining tricks. Did you know you can train your cat to shake, sit, jump through hoops, and even use the toilet instead of a litter box?
  • Adopt another cat
    If you’re so inclined, why not bring a new kitty friend home? There are always cats in need to a loving family at your local animal shelter.

History of Happy Cat Month in September

Happy Cat Month was created by the CATalyst Council, a non-profit organization that was established to connect veterinarians, animal shelters, and the people & companies that promote cat health & welfare.

Cats are thought to be more self-sufficient, aloof, and less in need of medical care than dogs.
The CATalyst Council created September’s Happy Cat Month to dispel those kittycat stereotypes and ensure that cats are well taken care of, lead rich & healthy lives, and receive necessary preventive care they need.

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Download Cat Coloring Pages to Print

We’ve got come fun kitty coloring pages to help you celebrate Happy Cat Month. Download the PDF files from our Resource Library today!


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