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Word Search for Kindergarten 102 Words & Fun Coloring!

A word search for kindergarten-grade kids can go a long way for the child’s future relationship with reading, learning, and growing that cute little brain of theirs.

Did you know there aren’t just word searches for adults out there? The world of word search for kindergarten is here in all its fun learning, imagination, and high quality!

We know kiddos love a chance to express themselves through coloring pages, so we’ve combined word search for kindergarten kids and coloring sheets! A child’s creativity is also incredibly important to have the time and space to explore and grow, just as their knowledge expands.

Let’s see some more reasons why our word search for kindergarten is a great tool and fun activity for the kiddo in your life, and get a look at these FREE PDF printable word searches!

Illustration of children jumping for joy and with big smiles on their faces. Children excited to learn and have fun from word search for kindergarten.

Why Use Our Free Word Search for Kindergarten

As a parent/guardian, teacher, or cool Aunt, we totally get that you want to make sure this is not only worth your time but also your kiddos. Everyone’s time is valuable!

That’s why we’ve compiled a quick read-through list of why our word search for kindergarten is a fantastic new resource for you both:

  • 100% Free: Our word search for Kindergarten kiddos is completely free for download! No email signup, no hoops to jump through (you’ve got enough on your plate). All you have to do is click the download button and print it off!
  • Homeschool Resource: We’ve done our research to ensure that our word search for Kindergarten is at the appropriate level and still engaging. We’ve got plenty of sight words that will help your Kindergartner learn more words, see patterns, creative problem solving, and have fun, of course!
  • Boredom Buster: No matter what season it is, if it’s raining outside, or your child is just experiencing some good old-fashioned boredom, encourage more time off screens by breaking out a word search for kindergarten!
  • Reward System: This can go hand-in-hand with the above bullet point. Let’s say your child really wants a cookie (Or something else your kiddos is always wanting more of), you can create a reward system that if they complete a word search for Kindergarten, they can have a cookie!
  • Hang it Up: Show your child how proud you are of them by hanging up their finished word search for Kindergarten! This act of love can fill them with pride and may fill them with fuel to want to do more. You can even craft your own garland string and use close pins to hang their pages up!
  • Reuse: If your kiddo isn’t interested in hanging up their word search for Kindergarten or they have new artwork they want to hang up instead, this can be a valuable moment to teach them the power of simply reusing the paper as scrap paper. Recycling power!

As we mentioned, we did our research, and one of those main key points was the usage of Dolch sight words. This list of words was compiled by a renowned individual in the Education field, Dr. Edward William Dolch. According to it is the most commonly used list used in Kindergarten classrooms to help children learn words more efficiently. This is the big reason why we wanted to incorporate that essential learning tool into our fun word search for Kindergarten sheets!

Now that you’ve got some solid reasons, are you curious to see the fun word search for kindergarten pages we’ve created? Let’s get to learning and coloring!

“Word searches work to children’s overall brain power, whether that’s their memory or their problem-solving skills.
Children tend to enjoy word searches and this can keep them focused, improving their concentration.”, reliable teachers resource

Free PDF Download Word Search for Kindergarten

Let the fun begin! We’ve got some terrific and fun word searches for your kiddos to explore and color waiting at your fingertips.

Below you’ll find several printable PDF packets! Each one has its own theme and is easy and simple to print off. You can staple them together to create a little booklet, or you can keep the pages separate. Either way, you’ve got yourself some handy-dandy word search for kids.

Our word search for Kindergarten booklets also comes with each puzzle’s solution, so have no fear; the answer will always be there, just in case your little star needs a little bit of guidance.

Each word search for Kindergarten page is unique and sure to bring your child enjoyment and a sense of pride in finishing and learning. Without further ado, time to get our word search on!

Illustration of young students jumping in the air with school supplies and ready to learn from word search for kindergarten students.

Word Search for Kindergarten: I Can Do It! -Sight Words-

In this word search for Kindergarten booklet we have 30 sight words ready for your kiddo to search and find! Along with some silly coloring opportunities, and they can even put their name right in the booklet.

The solutions for each puzzle are provided at the back of the packet, along with another coloring sheet!

Word Search for Kindergarten: Words That Start W/ ABCs

Getting your ABCs down is the first big step in a child’s reading journey; how exciting and adorable to hear them sing the ABCs for the first time!

Now, with our word search for Kindergarten booklet on words that start with the letters of the alphabet, your kiddo can learn even more words and become more familiar with the letters of the alphabet.

Word Search for Kindergarten: Find the Critter!

Who doesn’t love fuzzy, cuddly, cool animals? Let your kiddo explore the fun and animal-loving word search for Kindergarten that allows them to recognize critters they already know and learn names they may not!

Plus, we’ve got some pretty cute critters that they can color along with finding these awesome words; it’s a win win!

Illustration of little kids sit together with friend on the floor excited and happy with word search for Kindergarten to learn from.

The kiddo that fills up so much space in your heart and light in your life is about to get some fun and knowledge spread throughout theirs! Give your kiddo the awesome and fun gift of word search for Kindergartners that can help them excel in their reading and learning journey.

Want to engage with your child even more? Double this with a bonding and memorable experience by joining them! You can do it along with them with your very own enjoyable and challenging word search for adults!

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