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How to Make a Wind Chime using Repurposed Materials

Since it’s spring and the weather is starting to get nice, I decided to make a wind chime.  In this post I’ll be sharing How to Make a Wind Chime using Repurposed Materials.  

I used a cover from the ceiling fan that used to hang in our living room.

I’ve been repurposing ceiling fan parts and in this post I’ll be sharing:

How to Make a Wind Chime using Repurposed Materials

I had a stash of washers that I first spray painted black, and then brush painted off white. 

I tied 2 washers each onto a strand of jute twine. 

I wanted to make sure I would get enough sound coming from this homemade wind chime.  ;)

I then tied the jute twine onto the inner ring of the ceiling fan cover.

I also tied strands of jute twine onto 4 outer holes, so that I could hang the wind chime up. 

Never mind the cracking paint on the soffits, we’ve only done minimal restoration to the outside of our new home, and haven’t gotten to that part yet.

My 2 main concerns with this wind chime:

  1. It wouldn’t give off any sound.
  2. It would get tangled too easily.

I’m happy to report that the washers give a sweet sound when clanked together.  Also the twine got tangled once or twice and it was only a few strands, which were easily unwrapped and put to rights.

I hope you enjoyed this rustic wind chime.  Have you ever made a wind chime, and if so what types of materials did you use?

Thanks for sharing this post on How to Make a Wind Chime using Repurposed Materials!

How to Make a Wind Chime using Repurposed Materials

1 thought on “How to Make a Wind Chime using Repurposed Materials”

  1. I had just put a ceiling fan on top of the outside trash can so it could be thrown in the back of my husband’s truck when I came across your article on how you repurpose them. I immediately went back outside and grabbed it and started taking it apart. I’m just glad my husband didn’t see me! He would have surly thought I’d lost my mind. LOL I can’t wait to try some of these cool ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

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