How to Make Wall Décor using a Kitchen Towel and Stencils

I recently put a fresh coat of paint in the dining area of our kitchen, and those beautifully coated walls are screaming to be filled.  I love pictures, picture frames and adding beautiful art to walls.  In this post I’ll be sharing How to Make Wall Décor using a Kitchen Towel and Stencils.

I received this lovely picture from my family, but I really wanted to transform the picture and frame to fit my kitchen.

I started by taking the brown paper off the back of the frame.

Usually I discover the picture is being held in by staples, which was the case with this one.

I pried all the staples out, and unscrewed the wire hanger from the back.

I took all the contents out of the frame carefully, especially the glass and put it aside in a safe place.  Then I separated the print from the mat.

Next I sanded and painted the frame.  I also painted the mat. These two steps alone gave the geese picture a new look, but I wanted a completely different look for my kitchen.

I decided I wanted to use a kitchen towel as a canvas and stencil farm animals on it. 

There was a set of dishtowels I bought for under $5 that were the perfect size and color. 

I calculated where I wanted the 4 barnyard cuties to go, and then went to work stenciling them onto the towel.

I applied 3 coats of paint to get the images how I wanted them.

When it was done I realized it needed a little something more. 

I was going to use lace to break up the animals and make a grid, but I decided I would crochet some garland and a simple border instead.

The garland and border was attached using a little hot glue.

Repurposed Kitchen Towel into Wall Art: folk art, cow chicken, pig, rooster, red and white checkers, crocheted flower garland, DIY wall art

After everything was dried, I glued the towel onto the back of the old goose picture. 

Then I hot glued the print board and mat together.

There were a few factors that caused me to decide not to put the glass back in the frame, so I just placed the new picture in the frame.

To keep the picture in, I simply stapled the back. 

I held the heavy duty staple gun about 1/8″ away from the frame and pointed it down at an angle, and stapled away. 

The staple should not go in all the way and by angling it down just a little, I have found, the staple goes in better.

I re-attached the wire hanger, drove a nail through the wall, and hung my new picture up.

I have a new picture that cost me a total of almost $5! Wahoo! And I got another new dish towel to use in the kitchen (I bought a set of 2). Can’t beat that!!

What do you think of the new look that was given to this picture?

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How to Make Wall Décor using a Kitchen Towel and Stencils

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