How to Repurpose a Ceiling Fan Blade into Coffee Cup Signs

This is now my second project using repurposed fan blades.  The first was the airplane made out of old ceiling fan parts.  We’re going to have to replace the blades on the ceiling fan in the living room, so now I have 4 more blades to repurpose. :) For this project, however, I am only using parts of one blade, and I’ll be sharing How to Repurpose a Ceiling Fan Blade into Coffee Cup Signs.

I’ve had this ceiling fan blade swirling around in my mind, and I wondered what I could do with it. 

The more I looked at the blade I realized that if it was cut at the tips it would look like a coffee cup.

I then cut both sides of the blade about 5 inches up from the tip of the blade. 

I put wood filler in the holes, then sanded and painted the coffee cups.

Then I looked around for handles. This is the fun part of repurposing—the treasure hunt!

I love looking for what we have lying around that can be transformed into something else. 

There were several items I thought might work, but in the end I settled for a stick and a spring.

The stick was attached by simply using wood glue. 

I drilled 2 very small holes in one of the coffee cups, dripped a little wood glue in the holes and put the ends of the spring in the holes.

Here are the cups with the handles added:

The coffee cup needed a little something more, so I gently brushed some black paint on the handles. 

I also stenciled “Coffee” on one cup and a flower one the other.

Thank you to my tribe and sister who helped me figure out whether to stencil a flower or rooster to one of the cups! :)

I love the result!!

These particular fan blades are too thin to attach frame hangers so I put up these shelves up just for the occasion. 

One of the coffee cup signs is leaning against the shelf and wall, while the other is attached with sticky Velcro.

These coffee cup signs are going to fit right in, above my coffee station (once I get that made) ;)

I would definitely say these coffee cups were easier to construct than the airplane. ;)

Thanks for checking out this post on How to Repurpose a Ceiling Fan Blade into Coffee Cup Signs!!
How to Repurpose a Ceiling Fan Blade into Coffee Cup Signs


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