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How to Repurpose Bread Tubes into Vases

In this post I’ll share How to Repurpose Bread Tubes into Vases

I got these heart and flower shaped bread tubes at a garage sale this past spring for FREE!!

Every once in a while I’ll run across a garage sale that has a free box, and of course who isn’t going to rummage through a box marked free right?!

They appear to have rust on them and I didn’t think they would be safe for baking, but perfect for repurposing. 

It only took me 6 or 7 months, but they have finally found a home in my kitchen as vases. 

Now I get to post on How to Repurpose Bread Tubes into Vases.

I gave each bread tube a coat of chalk paint, and then 2 more coats of yellow latex paint. 

I then distressed it slightly with high grit sandpaper.

I stained 2 scrap pieces of 2″x4″ and put 2 coats of latex paint over the stain, and then sanded it a bit to give a distressed look (drying time in between all those phases of course). 

Then a coat of clear wax was put over the 2″x4″s.

Then I pre-drilled holes in both the 2″x4″s and the bread tubes for the bolts to go through for attachment.

The bread tubes were attached by a bolt and nut system using wrenches to tighten the bolts.

And voila! Beautiful vases for the displaying fake flowers. 

If real flowers are used, using a plastic cup or tube that can be dropped into the bread tube to hold the flowers and water.  

What do you think?  They look really neat hanging on the cabinets on either side of the kitchen sink. 

It’s a unique way to display flowers and to add a farmhouse/country look to any room.

Thank you for sharing this project on How to Repurpose Bread Tubes into Vases !!
How to Make Unique Vases with Bread Tubes

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