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How to Make Fun Log Seats using Stencils

In this post I’ll be sharing How to Make Fun Log Seats using Stencils.

I had an idea about making fun sayings to stencil onto log seats, so that people could have a good laugh before sitting down around the campfire. 

I wrote out a few phrases that I thought might be fun to see on the logs, and then made the phrases into stencils using my Cricut machine. 

I gathered some wood logs from our wood burning pile to jazz up a bit with my new stencils.

Using stencils to make logs into fun seats to sit on

First I sanded the tops of the logs a little with 120 grit just to smooth out any burs. 

Then I stenciled the 5 different campfire log seat phrase stencils I had cut with my Cricut.

I tried using black paint first, but it was too dark, so I had to stencil over the stumps again with white paint.  

Lastly, I applied 4 liberal coats of polyurethane on the tops of the logs to protect their new painted surface.

Here are the different phrases I thought to stencil on the campfire log seats; they’re available as Free SVG & JPEG File Bundles in my Resource Library.

What do you think of stenciling or painting fun sayings on campfire log seats?  I think it would be something for friends and family to chuckle at before they sit down to enjoy hot cocoa, s’mores, and stories around the fire this fall.

Thanks so much for sharing this project How to Make Fun Log Seats using Stencils!

How to Make Fun Log Seats using Stencils

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