How to Make Beautiful Angels with Old Junk

In this post, I will explain and show How to Make Beautiful Angels with Old Junk.

We replaced our garage door a few weekends ago. 

While making the switch, I noticed some hinges, and rollers that used to be part of the old garage door. 

My mind immediately went to wings and halos.  I started gathering the supplies to make some angels.  

I had 3 extra glass shades that I would use as the skirts of the angels. 

I cut 3 pieces, from some posts to act as the angels’ heads.

How to Make Beautiful Angels with Old Junk

I cleaned, sanded, and painted the hinges and post blocks the same off white color. 

I tied the hinges with jute twine to keep them more fixed.

The hinges were attached to the glass shade using jute twine. 

I just weaved the twine through the holes in the hinges and around the lip of the shade until it was secured together.

To attach the head to the glass shade, the post block and another small piece of the post were pre-drilled. 

Then the small piece of the post was put in the glass shade, and the block that would be used for the head was placed on top of the  glass shade. 

They were attached together using a 2″ lag bolt.

After the 3 main components to the angel were fastened together, the only thing left was to add some details. 

Instead of using the garage door roller, I ended up crocheting some jute twine to be used as a halo.

Some more jute twine and flowers were used for embellishments on the front of the angels.

There was enough supplies to make 3 angels. 

What do you think?  Kinda pretty, huh? 

I liked that this was a fairly quick and easy project.

Thanks for sharing How to Make Beautiful Angels with Old Junk !!
How to Make Beautiful Angels with Old Junk


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