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How to Stencil Gift Wrap for Christmas

In this post, I’ll be sharing How to Stencil Gift Wrap for Christmas using Kraft paper and some stencils.  I hope you enjoy this gift wrap idea. 


-Kraft paper

-Red Ribbon


-Red paint

-Stencil Brush

-Free stencil file (available below)

-Snowflake SVG file (optional)

-Cricut or other stencil cutting method


I wrapped the boxes using Kraft paper and tape.  I made some stencils with phrases that are appropriate for Christmas gifts; I’m offering the JPEG Words/Labels stencil cut files for free at the bottom of this post.

I also chose to embellish the gift wrap with snowflakes.  

I had purchased the snowflake SVG files from an Etsy shop last year for my daughter’s Frozen theme birthday party.  

It appears that the shop has closed, but other snowflakes cut files can be found and used to embellish gifts. 

I cut all the stencil files on my Cricut machine.

After all the stencils were cut and ready, I applied them to the Kraft paper.  

Very little paint is needed when stenciling, especially on gift wrap since you don’t want paint going through the paper and onto the gift and ruining it, so use caution when applying the stencil, or simply stencil the paper before wrapping the gift.

I wrapped the gift with some red ribbon that I purchased at Wal-Mart for 47 cents, not too shabby, and it was just the right touch to finish off the gift wrap.

What do you think of the personalized gift wrap with stencils?  I hope you have enjoyed this post! 

Thanks for sharing this post on How to Stencil Gift Wrap for Christmas!!

Save JPEG Stencil Cut File below for personal use only. 

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