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How to Make Coffee Stencils Using a Cricut Machine

A while ago we bought a cappuccino/espresso machine that was great for mixing up our favorite coffee drinks.  They are super tasty, but I wanted to make them a little more fun, so I made some stencils for the drinks using my Cricut.  In this post I’ll share How to Make Coffee Stencils Using a Cricut machine.

Here’s my Supply List for How to Make Coffee Stencils Using a Cricut Explore:

Now on to How to Make Coffee Stencils Using a Cricut Explore

Here are the step-by-step instructions for using your Cricut machine to cut coffee stencils.

Get Food-Safe Mylar Sheets

I recommend and will be using the Mylar Stencil Sheets from Stencil Revolution in this tutorial because they are food safe, durable and reusable.  To cut these particular Food Safe Mylar sheets change the Manage Custom Materials in Cricut Design Space.Custom materials setting in Cricut Explore

Add new material in Cricut explore

In order to set new settings for the Food Safe Mylar sheets I just made a new material setting for it, by click on “Add New Material” and typing in Food Safe Mylar. Then I clicked on Save.Add new material name in Cricut Explore

Set the pressure and times for the cuts

Next I set the particular Food Safe Mylar by Stencil Revolution to cut at pressure of 350 and 2x. Then I saved those settings.Set the pressure and times for the cuts in Cricut Explore

Verify the settings

Here’s what the settings look like now on the Materials Settings Page.Verify the cut settings in Cricut Explore

Upload your stencil cut files

Next upload the Coffee Stencil Cut Files you want to use into Cricut Design Space. Resize the Stencil to the desired dimensions. Then click “Make it”.Set up your stencil cut files in Cricut Explore

Finish up your cuts

Follow Cricut Design Space instructions for finishing the cuts.Follow instructions to finish your cuts in Cricut Explore

Set the Cricut Machine up

Turn the knob on the Cricut machine to Custom. Then Choose the appropriate custom material setting for cutting the Coffee Stencils, which I have mine set to Food Safe Mylar. Then follow Cricut Design Space instructions for finishing the cut.Set up your Cricut machine

Load your material

Load the Food Safe Mylar onto the Cricut Mat.  I’ve chosen to use these particular stencil sheets by Stencil Revolution which are food safe, durable, and washable. *I recommend using only food safe materials when making these coffee stencils.Food Safe Mylar on a Cricut Mat

Wash your stencils before using them

**Important--After the stencils are made, definitely hand wash them in some warm dish soapy water and then letting them dry before using them.  Now that you have a coffee stencil made, it’s ready to be applied to a frothy coffee drink like a latte or cappuccino.Coffee stencil on cup

Add your cocoa powder to the creamy froth

You don’t want your stencil to touch the foam, but you do want the foam to be high enough where there’s just a very tiny amount of space between the stencil and the froth.Add cinnamon to your coffee stencil

I’ve used a simple salt shaker, like in the picture below, filled with cocoa powder to stencil coffee drinks and it works ok, but…

I ended up getting a mesh shaker and, in my opinion, it works much better when applying the cocoa powder or cinnamon to a coffee drink.  I ordered a mesh shaker from Amazon, but I didn’t pay attention to the shipping time which was 2 weeks, so not wanting to wait 2 weeks for it to come in, I ran into town and bought this one at a store called Everything Kitchens.  There are similar ones on Amazon.

I washed my duster/shaker in warm dish soapy water and dried it before using.  I recommend setting the stencil on the rim of the cup so you’re not trying to steadily hold the stencil over the cup while dusting with the other hand.

Voila, a fun way to present a coffee drink!

The drinks can be stenciled with initials and messages or objects like hearts or leaves.

After the coffee drink has been stenciled you can share it with someone or drink that cup full of goodness all by yourself.  Enjoy!

This is a fun way to make coffee drinks that much sweeter.  I hope you found this post on How to Make Coffee Stencils Using a Cricut Explore helpful!

Don’t forget I have 2 different sets of Coffee Stencil Cut Files in my Resource Library.

A little about Repurposing Junkie:

I started using stencils on furniture in 2015, just a few months after the blog began.  I had given a white table a makeover, and painted it orange to be an accent table in the living room.  Even with the bright color, the table was missing something.  I applied a stencil that I had bought at one of my favorite craft stores to the table to give it that something extra and sure enough it really made the table stand out. 

After seeing the transformation the table took by adding the stenciled flowers, I was hooked on stenciling.  I loved how adding just a bit of detail made the piece stand out and took it to a whole new level. 

Adding this detail and seeing the results was all I needed to be convinced that stenciling was the way to go, and thus began my love for all things stencil. 

I love how a stencil design can add detail and beauty to furniture, wall art, clothes, mugs and other accessories, walls, floors and so many other things. 

It’s fantastic how easy it is to make something beautiful become exquisite and eye catching just by adding a stencil overlay. 

After stenciling for a while, I started designing my own stencils in 2016 to cut on my awesome Cricut Explore.  It took some time and learning but it was so rewarding being able to cut my own custom designs right in my home, and use them on repurposed and DIY projects.

I went on to write some tutorials on cutting stencils using the Cricut machine:

I also wrote a few tutorials on designing your own stencils and the tools needed to create and make stencils using the Cricut:

Creating Stencil and Printable Designs: 

After getting comfortable with cutting stencils on the Cricut and learning how to create my own stencil designs, I began offering stencil cut files for cutting machines on my blog.

I have found a passion for design and strive to create unique and fun designs that can be used in a variety of settings, such as home decor, furniture, wall art, fashion design, accessory items, and so much more.  

My eye has always been drawn to the details, patterns, and embellishments in such things as home decor and clothing, so it’s a real joy for me to become part of the design process of such things.

Stencils are a great and easy way to add that something special to a piece whether it’s repurposed furniture or wall art or a brand new canvas or wall. 

I share on my blog how I’ve transformed repurposed pieces using stencils:

I like to add stencils to furniture and wall art pieces. 

Some of my favorite stencil projects include refinishing a curbside table, upcycling a piece of canvas wall art, and making an extra large stenciled wall art piece, just to name a few of my favorite stencil projects. 

I also have some repurposing projects that I hope are fun and inspiring.  I love taking old “junk” and turning it into something completely different:

You can check out the repurposing projects here. I have projects using ceiling fan parts, old frames, and furniture. 

Some of my favorite repurposing projects are the ceiling fan blades to airplane repurpose, the angels made from hinges and spindle parts, and transforming a kitchen table using stencils.

I hope you spend some time on my blog, checking out the Cricut tutorials, DIY projects, and SVG Cut Files and Printable designs.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the projects, tutorials, stencil cut files and printables offered on my blog.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.  I hope you take your time and look around, and I hope you find the blog posts, projects, tutorials, stencil cut files and printables resources to be useful and helpful in your DIY projects. 

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