How to Make a Wood Slice Turkey

In this post I will be showing you How to Make a Wood Slice Turkey

This is such a simple, easy and quick craft and also so super cute!


-Wood Slices

-Paint (acrylic or latex)

-Hot Glue Gun


I had a pile of wood slices that I cut from some smaller logs from our wood burning pile.  

I only used one of the wood slices for this project and 4 clothespins.

I took the clothespins apart and painted them yellow, orange, and red, and the wood slice was painted brown. 

The wood slice will be the face of the turkey and the clothespins will be the feathers.

I used the tip of the handle of a paint brush to paint the face on the turkey. 

Then the clothespins were hot glued onto the back of the wood slice, and voila, a turkey was made. 

Be careful with the hot glue gun and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the glue gun. 

This is such a quick and easy project, and perfect for a Thanksgiving craft or even a place setting marker.

What do you think of this little turkey?

Thanks for sharing How to Make a Wood Slice Turkey!!
How to Make a Wood Slice Turkey


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