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How To Make Stickers With Cricut

A Cricut is a great tool for making custom presents or personalizing items you have around the home, and it couldn’t be easier to use. With the help of its Print Then Cut feature you can easily learn how to make stickers with Cricut at home in colorful, creative varieties.

happy faces sticker sheet

The Print Then Cut method involves printing the sticker design onto sticker paper and then cutting the sticker out with your Cricut machine. Below you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to make stickers with the help of Print Then Cut. 

What Is Print Then Cut?

Print Then Cut is a super simple method of cutting around designs that have been printed on your home printer. After your images have been printed out on your inkjet printer you can then cut them out with your Cricut.

What Do You Need?

To make printable stickers with your Cricut you’ll need:

How to Make Stickers with Cricut using Print And Cut

Create The Image File

First, download a pre-made sticker sheet image file, or you can design your own sticker sheet image in an app like Procreate, Inkscape, or Illustrator. 

Upload The Sticker Image To Cricut Design Space

Open Cricut Design Space and create a new project. Then, click the Upload button on the main canvas. Here you can upload your desired image and click Upload Image to import your sticker design.

Cricut Design Space will ask you to choose your image type, and Complex Image is probably the best option for stickers.

You’ll then get taken to another screen, here click Save as a Print then Cut Image. You can now give the image a name and tags if you wish. Then press Save. 

To add the image to your Canvas, click Insert Image.

Print The Image

Now that the image is on the Canvas you may need to resize it in order for it to be compatible with Print then Cut. The maximum printable area is 6.75″ by 9.25″ and if the image is too large you will need to crop it to the specified size.

Load your inkjet printer with sticker paper, then click the Make it button in Cricut Design Space. Click Continue followed by Send to Printer then Print to print out the sticker design.

You can toggle the Use System Dialog to open up more advanced printer settings to make sure your sticker is printed at the highest quality. 

The printed sheet will have a black rectangle around the edges of the design. Don’t worry! This is supposed to happen. The Cricut machine will use these printed black lines to orientate itself in order to correctly cut out your design. 

Set Materials

Return to Cricut Design Space and select your material. Select “sticker paper” in the material settings if you are using Cricut branded sticker paper, or “washi” if you are using Avery branded sticker paper. If you’re using a Cricut Explore, set the dial to Custom to see this option.

Depending on whether you’d like to make “kiss cut” stickers (this is where the Cricut only cuts though the top layer and leaves the backing sheet intact) or “die cut” stickers (this is where the Cricut cuts through both layers to create separate stickers, then your material settings may change. 

Sometimes a “washi” or “sticky note” setting will produce a “kiss cut” but  depending on your materials you may have to experiment with the settings.

Load The Mat

Place the printed sticker paper onto a Cricut LightGrip blue mat. Make sure the pages are as lined up with the upper left corner as possible.

You can use your hands or a brayer tool to smooth the sticker paper. Press the flashing arrow button to load the mat into the Cricut machine.

Cut The Stickers

Once the mat is loaded the Cricut icon button should start to flash. This means the machine is ready to cut the stickers. To start cutting just press the C (Cricut logo) button.

The Cricut will begin moving around your paper to scan the black registration lines. After the paper is scanned it will start to cut.

Unload The Mat And Remove The Stickers

Once the cut is finished your Cricut will ask you to unload the mat. To do this, press the flashing arrow button again. 

It’s a good idea to check that the cut has gone all the way through before removing the mat, especially when making “die cut” stickers. If it hasn’t, just run it through again

When you are finished cutting, remove the mat from the machine and then remove the stickers from the mat. Viola! Your stickers are ready!

If your sticker sheet rips or the stickers curl as you peel them off try turning the whole mat upside down onto a clean surface and peel the mat off the sticker sheet. This should prevent the stickers from curling up.

If you’ve made a “kiss cut” you can remove the outer layer of sticker paper from the cut stickers. This should leave you with perfectly cut stickers on the backing sheet.

Print Then Cut Tips

When setting up a Print then Cut project there are a few important things to consider. 

Image Bleed

Cricut Design Space will give your image a “bleed”. This is something it does by default, so there’s no need to worry. It’s basically an extra border that extends beyond the cut line.

It may make the printed image look blurry with a fuzzy border, but this border will be trimmed off during cutting. When making stickers with a border you can safely turn off the bleed.

Material Placement

Place the printed sticker paper in the top left corner of the cutting mat, aligning the top edge with grid lines on the mat.

Make sure the sticker paper is as straight and smooth as it can possibly be. This helps the Cricut read the sensor marks and to make accurate cuts.


For the best results, try to complete the entire process in one sitting to avoid cutting mistakes.

Also use the same computer and browser to access Design Space as this helps to prevent printing problems and registration errors.

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