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20+ Homemade Ornaments for Christmas {easy how-to}

There are so many amazing holiday ornament craft ideas that creative bloggers have shared with the world. As they come across my screens I stash them away on a list of fun projects I’d like to try. Here are over 20 articles showing how to make DIY Christmas tree ornaments I’ve found that I hope you enjoy.

Do you have a DIY Christmas ornament idea I should add to this list?
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DIY Christmas Ornaments Easy

All of these DIY Christmas ornaments ideas are fairly straightforward for all you crafters out there. Each one of the DIY ornaments uses a repurposed material to create Christmas decor that is truly unique and all your own. Plus, you’ll be using recycled materials and have a great story to tell your family and friends about how to make homemade Christmas ornaments.

Ideas for Homemade Ornaments with Ribbon & Fabric

The Boondocks Blog has a great article on Homemade Christmas Ornaments with Scrap Ribbon

Emily from Small Stuff Counts shows you how to make thrifty plaid Christmas ornaments

Susan from Super Mom-No Cape gives a wonderful tutorial on making these beautiful prairie point star ornaments.

Prairie point star ornaments
Prairie point star ornaments how-to instructions from Super Mom No Cape!

DIY Christmas ornaments with glitter

Pili at My Sweetest Things created some really fun glitter ornaments from old lightbulbs.

Toni at Design Dazzle makes these beautiful ornaments from repurposed toilet paper rolls! Can you believe it!?!

This owl ornament also by Deborah from Salvage Sister and Mister is too adorable!

Christmas Decor Ornaments You Can Make at Home

Deborah from Salvage Sister and Mister gives a tutorial on how to make these charming Farmhouse Fireplace Ornaments.

Cat from Pocketful of Posies makes a wonderful “Our First Home” Christmas Ornament.

DIY Christmas angel ornaments

Sonya from At Home with the Barkers uses natural shells to make these magnificent sea shell angel ornaments.

Claire from Pillar Box Blue repurposes badminton shuttlecocks into the prettiest angel wing that would make beautiful ornaments.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments (DIY style)

I’m loving these vintage salt shaker ornaments from Ann at Duct Tape and Denim!

Ariel from PMQ repurposed a broken necklace into beautiful ornaments.

These vintage jello molds were turned into the sweetest bird nest ornaments by Cassie Bustamante.

Christmas Ornaments from Cinnamon Sticks

Julia from Tag and Tibby makes some lovely rustic cinnamon stick ornaments.

DIY Christmas ornaments from paper

Claire from Pillar Box Blue makes personalized heart ornaments from upcycled paper maps. These vintage map Christmas ornaments are really wonderful.

DIY map ornaments from Claire at Pillar Box Blue

Wood Slice Ornaments {Snowman Ornament}

We have our own methods of creating Christmas ornaments from recycled and upcycled materials as well. Here are a couple of our repurposed Christmas ornament how-to tutorials.

Wood Slice Ornaments {Rudolph Ornament}

Ideas for Homemade Ornaments (Unique DIY)

Katie from The Crafty Blog Stalker makes an awesome Christmas ball ornament using repurposed soda cans. Can you believe those pretty red and green curls in the clear Christmas ball ornament are actually made from aluminum cans? Such a creative idea!

Soda Can Christmas Ornament from The Crafty Blog Stalker

Bethany from Pitter and Glink made the cutest Snowman Hat Ornaments from recycled K-Cups. Now that’s what I call a good eye for repurposed Christmas ornaments!

Laura from Pet Scribbles shows how to give a Christmas bell ornament a makeover using liquid gilding. So elegant!

Liquid gilding ornament refresh
Liquid gilding ornament refresh by Laura from Pet Scribbles

How fun are these DIY dinosaur Christmas ornaments from Kari at Life PreKARIous? What a great way to get your family involved by making homemade Christmas ornaments for kids!

Robin from Redo It Yourself Inspirations makes this beautiful ornament out of black walnut shells! Isn’t it amazing how she made such a beautiful Christmas wreath ornament from food?


There are so many amazing ideas out there for homemade Christmas ornaments. I’d love to hear about the DIY ornaments you’ve made or found online! Please let me know about your favorite handmade Christmas tree ornaments in the comments below.

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