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We had 2 room dividers in our house using a total of 6 posts.  A few weeks ago my husband took one of these dividers down which meant we had 3 posts lying around waiting to be repurposed.


What was I going to do with these posts?  I looked and looked at them and then it hit me…pumpkins!! I wasn’t planning on making fall decorations this year, but why not, right? I’ve seen so many great ideas from other people making pumpkins from repurposed materials and I thought, “May as well throw mine in the pumpkin pile too.” 😉  (I’ve got a few more ideas for these pillars that I hope to share in later blog posts-turkeys, snowmen, and bunnies).

I started by cutting sections of the post into these little blocks.


I sanded and painted these round blocks with some orange and white paint I had in my cabinet.


I needed something to use for stems so I went to the yard and found some little sticks that would work.  I drilled holes big enough so the sticks would fit.


I put a little glue in the holes and attached the sticks to the pumpkins.


They were starting to take shape but still needed a little something else.  I tied some jute twine around the stems to give the pumpkins some vines. Here’s how they turned out:


I think I like the posts better now that they’re pumpkins…how about you?


I like how they turned out! 🙂


What do you think?


Happy Fall to you!


Thanks for checking out this post!!

p.s. I got a Twitter account this weekend so if you want you can follow me via Twitter now.  Please be patient with me I am brand new to Twitter and will probably need a little bit of time to learn the ropes.

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